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Sailor California

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Oops, I did it again. My previous deviation, "Sailor Hawaii," was just too inspirational, and I ended up making "Sailor California" while I was supposed to be reviewing stories for one of my classes.

She's a legally blonde Valley Girl, born and bred in, let's say Northridge, California, smack in the West part of the infamous San Fernando Valley. Her colors are styled around those of a Hollywood star (because she aims to get one someday soon) and the orange California poppy. Her bow is made of super-sequined and especially-sparkly fabric, while her bodysuit and gloves are the tightest, shiniest silver fabric known outside of Las Vegas showgirl performances. She's got a cute California poppy on her choker.

She's also not ashamed to admit, she's gotten permanent makeup tattooing (that lovely rose flush and those perfectly-pink lips) and a boob job (though alas, in a Sailor Suit, you just can't tell). Oh, and highlights, but she TOTALLY needs to get those fixed up soon.

She worked hard (at LA Fitness!) for those washboard abs. When asked why she spends so much time at the gym, she just smiles and has a twinkle in her eye. Other California babes tone up for the beach; Sailor California tones up for action! You've never met a gung-ho, acrobatic Sailor Senshi like Sailor California before! Oh, and she KNOWS people. If you think she can't kick your butt, you better believe she knows people who know people who can! She's ready for her close-up... are you?

BTW, all this blonde/CA stuff is a joke; I'm a native (born and bred) Californian myself, and while not a natural blonde, I have been one before. :P

Sailor X v 2.08 from [link]
Palm tree models from [link]
Font is "Hollywood Hills"
Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi, Toei, Kodansha, et. al.
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wha?? no tan ... there is some thing wrong with sailor California :giggle:
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OMG, you're right! I actually thought for a second that I picked one of the slightly-darker skin tones, but I guess I didn't! Well, perhaps I shall have to make a Super Sailor California that's got a beautiful spray-on tan!

(If there was any logic in my picking a "pale" Sailor California skin tone the first time around, it may have been that a tan doesn't go too well with her pink and orange uniform.)
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mmm true .. you could try like a cream color tone lol that could count also :lmao: haha >w<
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I live in San Fernando Valley too hehe >w<
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Once again, great job! Love the details. You really thought these designs out! I need to get photoshop!!!
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This is awesome.
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Aw, c'mon, where's the Golden Gate? :]
Heh, this makes me think of the Beach Boys song "California Girls". *-* Used to be my fav when I was little~
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Good point. Considering it's my hometown, I might just make a Sailor San Francisco on my own. :P Maybe this girl would be more of a Sailor Hollywood.
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Love the lipstick! I'll see whether I can add an option for that, though I'm not sure it'll work with the different skin tones...
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Well, lipstick comes in about as many colors as the palette offers... I'm not adamant on lipstick, but it would be a pretty small cell to create. It's just, to make it "fun," you'd have to do it in all the colors! :P I think there were a few manga images of the Senshi with colored lipstick, like Venus with yellow and Jupiter with green... ^_^
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That's not what I meant. Of course it would use the same color options! But what i WAS thinking didn't actually make sense I realize now so never mind! ^_^
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