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Sailor CMYK

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Sailor RYB's was a case of mistaken identity. To be paired with the Senshi she once regarded as a foe was a harsh lesson for her, but even with the help of RGB and her Light Senshi, the awesome power of Sailor CYMK is something to behold! But what's this... CYMK (pronounced "Sim-mik," but spelled Cymmic) is RGB's long lost SISTER!? How can it be!?

Created in a fit of crazy using =DianaHold's Sailor Xv2 KiSS doll generator. You can get more info here: ([link]).
FYI, if you haven't read the other RGB and RYB entries, this is my third "color" inspired Senshi, just randomly playing with the Sailor X doll.

CMYK applies to the colors of inks, typically the ones found on printers. The letters stand for "Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK." But I'm sure you could have guessed that by looking at her.
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You seem to like not using the belt! 'bout time I create the eternal belt... I've missed it myself.
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I think part of the reason I opted not to use the belt for this mini-series was because I couldn't decide what color it should be. If you figure the belt is attached to the suit, then it should be the same color as that, but if it's attached to the skirt, it should be the same color as that! I couldn't decide, so... I nixed the belt! I thought in a way, it means that they're basically wearing tutus. :P
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Lol! I always see it as part of the suit, since it's always white for the original characters. But I have noticed a lot of people giving it a different color which suggests to me that I should get that eternal belt ready soon! But hair is so much more fun!! ^_^