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Sailor Brooke Cousins Series 2

By the-sweet
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The same way that I made a Sailor Senshi for my cousin Nikki, I decided to make one for my older cousin, Brooke (on the opposite side of the family). Like Nikki, Brooke picked all the colors, but I chose where to assign them. I was trying to go for a look that wouldn't look like I fused Mars and Venus together. Still, if she had a secret identity, it might be Sailor Solar Flare or something. That's the sort of image she gives me. I kind of wish I had the ability to move the stars on the boots up a little. I don't know why I wanted to do that with her.

In any case, the real-life Brooke is about 3 mos. pregnant, so this skintight senshi outfit might be something she'd aim to wear post-pregnancy and after some vigorous working out. Her hair also has more highlights to them, but my last attempt to do that in Photoshop looked disastrous (see Sailor California).

I did a dark indigo background and moon for this one and the upcoming Sailor Shaina because we were in Vegas at the time, and I wanted a dark sky to stand out against her flashy image colors.

Sailor X v2.08 - [link]
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