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Yet another Fan Senshi created using Diana's Sailor Xv2 generator (Sailor X v2.01, to be precise), which can be found here ([link]).

Somehow, someway, a time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I came up with the Yu-Gi-Oh fic idea "Something to Somebody." Like all of my fics of the period, it was eventually going to be Seto x Anzu, and I was going to set it during the oh-so-dramatic Battle City period (anime/Noa's Virtual World arc, again, to be precise). Something in me wanted to do the crazy, cliché of making the characters Sailor Senshi, but I wanted to do it *right,* and that meant not making it a crazy crossover where the original Senshi would save the day, or dominate, or the boys would crush on them, etc.

That meant somehow plausibly turning two of the three main female cast members of Yu-Gi-Oh into Sailor Senshi. So an idea was born.

Contrary to appearance, this is Téa/Anzu, though what her Senshi name eludes me to this day. I didn't come up with one during the fic (which I haven't finished, mind, though I believe one chapter *is* up at FFnet), and I don't know one now. But she rules over light, and is able to manipulate it to her liking.

Her backstory, thus unrevealed in the story, is that she was a certain someone from the mysterious Ancient Egyptian time period that Yami no Yuugi/the Pharaoh is trying to remember. Her hair length and parts of her fuku coloring allude to that... though I have to admit, her hair color is something I chose based on B&W images of... that certain someone... before they were colored in the anime. Hence, blonde, and not... YOU KNOW. Ssh!
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*grin* I wish I could take more credit for the design, but it's basically ~SailorXv2's taking all the standard Sailor Moon costume tidbits and me mashing them together and recoloring them using the KiSS doll. When I was impatient, I didn't care to do much Photoshop work to really get it how I want-- her fuku would properly include something like translucent sleeves (no gloves), gold or silver wrist bands, and RIDICULOUSLY tall boots. Plus, unlike the regular Sailor Senshi, I think with her outfit, you'd be able to tell that she had body armor on-- her "chest plate" would be silver (though not necessarily MADE of silver, I guess)...
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COOOl!! Love the color combo! And I'll try to add those stripes soon so you can switch to v2.07 or 2.08 even (to be released in the next couple of months I hope).

What do you mean by "tall boots"? Do you mean those that go up to her thighs? I have those planned. I will also soon add a transparency option for all items.

I hadn't even thought about wristbands! Totally forgot the eternal style thing on the long gloves!

I don't intend to add a breastplate, because that's too specific and would result in lots of new Otaku Senshi with breastplates! ^_^ It's your idea and should remain yours. ;)

But you can make her suit be metallic! At least in 2.07 and onwards.

If you have any more suggestions feel free to leave a comment on my profile. That way I can always go back and not forget! :D
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I can't remember whether I defined "ridiculously tall" as "Saturn" height, or as "Starlights" height, but basically something taller than your average boot-- more than knee-length, I think.

Speaking of wrist goodies, I just realized something: the anime version of Eternal Sailor Moon (and ONLY Eternal Sailor Moon, because we never saw the Star Sailors in the anime, and this doesn't apply to the manga at all) has V-points on her gloves with the crescent moon/heart, similar to her choker. See ([link]).

Wrist decorations could either be short, to look like Galaxia's bracelets, or a bit longer (about half the lower arm) to look a bit... er, different? Can't think of another word. :P

As for the breastplate, I was basically just thinking of what Sailor V had-- and I think you said you were going to add that, right? It *is* listed (but crossed-out) in the shoulder pad section... What they're wearing anyway is technically a breastplate; in the Materials Collection, Naoko actually says that all the senshi have a "sort of metal" over their chests, but that only applies to the manga; clearly, in the anime, they get their collars and bows and everything else all torn up.
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That's what i mean when I said I totally forgot about those eternal gloves goodies. So yes, the v-points on her wrist will be available in the Extras section eventually.

There will also definitely be bracelets a la Animamates! There will also be arm bands similar to those the Starlights have! I won't however add anything that's completely original, like longer bracelets, because I fear that - since it would be so original - lots of people would use them. And suddenly we'd have a swarm of new Sailor Soldiers on the web with a very similar design!

Yes, those shoulder pads, like Sailor V has the,, will be added. It is pretty high on my priorities, though not as high as the version of Sailor Saturn.
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By "armbands... like the Starlights have" do you mean the sort of bracelet/upper-arm things that they wear? Like, Starfighter's looks like a blue belt, while Maker's looks like purple cords, and Healer's look like bright green... something-or-others? Those?
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Exactly those! ^_^
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Oops, not a crescent moon AND heart, but just a crescent moon. Her collar matches her brooch, though, which is a heart combined with a crescent moon.
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Basically, once I have finished the main costume page I'll go through a LOTS of image material, both manga and anime, and add everything I see to the Extras page! ^_^
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Ah, okay! That sounds fun! While blathering about that whole Pluto thing in my email, I decided to whip out my old Sailor Moon cards (yes, I still have them... hundreds...) and compare the Pluto costumes through the generations. I find that the different media (cards, posters, artbooks, etc.) all tend to feature the characters in different ways, so we can see all sorts of things that we might miss if we JUST looked at the anime episodes/movies or the manga.

Part of me still thinks I'm delusional in that Pluto's costume changed after she "came back" from the dead in either Super (the manga) or SuperS/Stars (the anime), but the only definite time I can say when her costume changed was in the manga during Stars. -_-
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Over time I'm guessing the artistic team might have changed, which might have resulted in slight changes that were not intended? I know nothing.
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Probably! Plus, Sailor Moon's anime was made in the days of cels, so it's entirely possible a particular color was mixed wrong, or even stopped being manufactured. It's crazy to go this much into detail over why a character's costume changes, but for some reason it's stuck in my head... o_o
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Blue? ^^; I honestly don't know. But her design gorgeous~
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