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STS Anzu, Take 4

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Yet another Fan Senshi, again using Diana's Sailor X basic (more info here: [link]). I had a plotbunny for the Yu-Gi-Oh fic "Something to Somebody," in which I could somehow PLAUSIBLY turn Anzu and Shizuka into Sailor Senshi without it completely breaking both the Yu-Gi-Oh and Sailor Moon 'verses. Oh, and I didn't want the REAL Sailor Senshi showing up.

I'd come up with some fangirl-y ideas before, but this one took the cake... until I started getting some pretty good ideas for it. Smoothing out the details of Anzu's "Soldier of Light" fuku (costume) was part of that-- there were very distinct reasons why I chose the hair/eye color combinations that I did, the sort of uniform she had and the color scheme, etc. While I did make some variations (since it's easier to write descriptions than it is for me to draw them, or edit kisekae dolls), this is pretty close to my vision of Anzu as the mysterious (nameless) Soldier of Light from my fic.
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nice, like it really much!
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