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Circle of Seven: Tea Gardner

By the-sweet
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Technically ficart for my as-yet-to-be-released sequel to the Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction "What Doesn't Kill You," known as "Circle of Seven." It's supposed to be Téa. I did the pencil sketch ages ago (and am not currently sure where it is... maybe buried somewhere in my art folders/boxes) and then digitally colored it using my old Wacom Graphire tablet. I really like how the hair came out, even if it's so shiny, it might as well be advertising Pantene shampoo or something. :P

It's actually part of a slightly larger picture (with another half whose contents shall remain hidden for now...), which is why it looks a bit cut-off.
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There's...gonna be a sequel? ._.; omg. That's a huge project, woman.
And, btw, do you still use the e-mail posted on your DA profile?
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If it's the one, yes; that's my current email. I only changed it recently; it used to say a address, which lapsed ages ago. But then again, DA doesn't seem to have any setting for sending you messages (e.g. when a watched artist posts something new), so I don't really know what the use of it is, aside from password resets and the like.

And if you think having one sequel is a big project, consider that I've already planned a THIRD sequel. It's the plot bunny the size of... well, Frankenbunny or something. What was the name of that bunny from the Wallace and Gromit movie...? Yeah, THAT ONE.
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Lol Wow...yeah what was it...the Were-Rabbit or somethin'. My goodness...I got my boyfriend hooked on WDKY and he can't get over the length of it already. He's gonna flip when he hears about sequels. xD

And, ok, I was just wondering about the e-mail because I sent you something...buuut I'm not sure if you recieved it. o.o
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I did get the mini-images! They're very well done! If I ever get around to updating BEA, would you mind hosting them there? (I haven't hosted art or manips of any kind for a while, because they were used in YouTube videos without credit... while I can't guarantee it won't happen again, I just wanted to ask). Otherwise, I'll just enjoy them myself :D Thank you!

...and there's a GUY reading WDKY? Wow. COOL.
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I don't mind at all. ^^ I said you could do whatever you want with them. =P There will always be those who take images without permission, but at least those aren't like masterpieces of art that I slaved over for hours. ^^; And on youtube I can actually contact users...unlike photobucket...x.x