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A sampling of the images posted during the month of June is being showcased in this news article…
Your comments are welcomed and appreciated, and if you like what you see (clicking the green "love it" icon) will help make it possible for others to become more aware of our group.

Changes in the system

Submissions to the club would be via link to the work...You could or Not include descriptions about your works if you are like me who likes things done fast...

Submissions will be accepted/rejected by the recieving Admin with much courtesy and politeness, never judgemental or acidic...

Rejection must be based subjectively, not via Aesthetics...We are judging submissions not because of their "Realistic Quality" but based on their "Surreal Quality"...

Individual Administrators are "Popes" in this this club...We work in the "many-Popes-System"...They reserve the right to judge, accept, reject works, propose ideas to the betterment of the club and not for personal gain...

Rejected submissions will only be reconsidered when appeals by the member who submitted the work is reconsidered by an administrator(s), provided they are unbiasedly judged...

Any suggestions by the members would be appreciated...

The Surreal Arts Staff


Here we are striving to be a leaner, more hardcore Surreal Arts Club, but take our word for it: We despise writing rejection notes! Yet, those little notes are the price for trying to have standards. In the the DA galleries, it's a free-for-all. Anyone can call anything Surreal and post it with no submissions requirements. We are a club. We want to feature your work,
but we have standards. We reject work that doesn't measure up. So, it seems only fair to help you, our members, get more work posted in the club gallery.

First, we're people and our decisions are subjective. There is no perfectly objective, disconnected method for choosing what to post in the gallery. We want to be impressed. Show us your best work! The work that excites us is the same work that inspires you. We use our training, experience, and aesthetic taste to choose the work we want to put in the club gallery. We consider each work carefully, and ask questions. When does an
abstract design become surreal? When does it become psychedelic? Are psychological overtones enough to make the work seem dreamlike? Does it seem the unconscious or the irrational are at work in the piece? Do we want to put the piece in the club gallery? The last part is the most important.

We want to post your work, but we want your best, most imaginative, most surreal work. Imagination is your most powerful asset. We seek work that reflects action of the unconscious and the subconscious. We desire work that includes visual paradoxes as a means to recall the dream state, work that includes deliberate perceptual transformations, works in which the image is not always what it seems at first glance. We welcome weird work. Mundane images will be rejected, even if they're beautifully made. Inventive design works in your favor, too. The world of dreams is not made of stable triangles or perfectly symmetrical compositions with the main point of interest plopped in the middle of the picture.

We hope this helps and welcome your input. We look forward to new submissions and thank all of you for your continued interest in our club.

The Surreal Arts Staff
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Ravens-Eye-Studio's avatar
Ravens-Eye-StudioProfessional Traditional Artist
Could i be directed to the poll where i should leave the note "in" or "out"? i have been in the hospital and have missed so much!
the-surreal-arts's avatar
consult your case with james119...but if you ask me, you are always welcome here...i hope you are feeling well now...

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great works, bravo Gro' to let us know such an artist :clap: I shall go to his page this evening
FreakyBabe's avatar
great feature, but since this club has a subscription, you could use thumbs in your journal, it makes much easier to look at the works with preview thumbs:D
the-surreal-arts's avatar
I made a mistake...sorry my friend....See the news article again

FreakyBabe's avatar
oh yeeeah, now its awesome:hug: :heart:
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impressive numbers! Cordial thanks to the administrators for their time and energy devoted to this wonderful club! Special thanks to *gromyko for his devotion, knowledge and talent and the virtual visits of my pages! I added your icon to my list of special friends :manhug:
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gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
Your very welcome my honored of those kind words you said....know for sure i shall keep my best in help running out the surreal show here and my personal art as well...thank you
anubis46's avatar
It would be hard to find a better person for the "Job" :thumbsup:
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chris10belgiumProfessional Traditional Artist
Great features in the News !
I'm honoured to have one of my paintings in it ! Thanks.
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justinaerniProfessional Traditional Artist
Very Nice !
gromyko's avatar
gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
Good news indeed...if ever possible, and i hope it is not late i would love to contribute alot to our club, as you all know i had been persevering to promote surreal awareness, if it would be possible, let me handle the surreal arts thread forum...also i would like to offer my help by constantly featuring in this clubs journal surrealists which i think needs some highlighting...if ever possible...
the-surreal-arts's avatar
Your wish has been granted.
gromyko's avatar
gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you my friend...i shall do my best to keep our forum and to feature surrealists that needs some is my priviledge to be a part of this team...thanks again
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KariAnnLaxProfessional General Artist
Hot damn! excellent news. Very cool to see this group on the fast track. You guys are one of my favorites no doubt and welcome to the new crew :)
mimulux's avatar
mimuluxProfessional General Artist
congrats ! :clap: :D
mimulux's avatar
mimuluxProfessional General Artist
you are most welcome :D
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Congratulations to the new moderators.

Thank you, James, for everything you`ve done for us and for the club! :hug:
the-surreal-arts's avatar
It has been my pleasure. Thank you.
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gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
I just made changes in emptyheads as glad that help came out here too...i hope that the new moderators would do the same great job as did my friend ...other than glad that the surreal arts still lives!!!
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congrats to the new moderators!
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