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Now that there are two moderators, instead of just me, I have decided to go with what I will call the "Too Many Popes System" --We will be a bit more exclusive than in the past, and decisions will be left entirely to the judgment of the individual mods. Thus members will be at the mercy of whichever moderator decides to accept or reject his/her work.

In addition, moderators will identify themselves from now on: If they accept a work they will leave their mark in the "Artist's Comments" box. If they reject a work they will identify themselves in the rejection note. In this way we will all know who is doing what and members will be free to appeal to other mods if they feel strongly enough about getting a piece into the club gallery.


1.) You must be a creator of surreal/imaginative work, not macabre/horror (these classifications are subject to the interpretation of the moderator(s)). Submissions can be any medium of visual artwork (traditional,digital,etc.).

2.) To join, simply note the club specifically requesting admission. We will then reply to your request and let you know if your work is deemed suitable for the club.

3.) Members Include the icon of the club in the journal writing iconthe-surreal-arts with : at the begining and the end without spaces.
Have to keep a Watch on the club journal for updates and upcoming contests.


1.) Submissions must be sent as links in notes requesting that they be submitted.  You can submit more than one work per note.
All this media works can be received:
:star: Traditional drawing or painting
:star: Collage
:star: Sculpture
:star: Photography
:star: Mixed media
:star: Photomanipulation
:star: Digital drawing or painting
:star: Fractals and 3D
:star: Animation
:star: Movies

We don´t accept: Literature

2.) Exceptional surreal works by non-members will be considered on a case-by-case basis, if they arrive as links in a note with the subject line "non-member submission".

3.) Remember, above all, to keep dreaming.

Rules on :+fav:s and Comments

Please use the links provided in each gallery post to :+fav: works and leave comments for the contributing artists. The artists won't see the comments or know about the :+fav:s unless all of you, our wonderful audience, use the links to the original work. Thanks for your help.

© 2007 - 2020 the-surreal-arts
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How to join the club?
the-surreal-arts's avatar
Sends us note and wait for the answer :)
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agre76Professional Traditional Artist
iam requesting admission:) i draw mostly surreal visons..thats my drawing i hope its good enough [link]
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sorry, we need you send us a note. On the top of the page you ca finf the botton.


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happymouse666Professional General Artist

"I've got a hole in me pocket. Actually its only half a hole. I gave the half to Jeremy." Ringo Starr, The Yellow Submarine.
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thx a lot! :)
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Hi! I would very much like to be a member of the club, thanks.
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Please send us a note with the request, We´ll watch your work and you´ll have an answer soon. :)
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ok, thanks!
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eye-am Digital Artist
I would very much like to be a member, I will send a note to you with some works in mind. Keep the fire burning!
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This sounds like a great club... I would be interested in joining your group. If you feel my style is suitable, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
the-surreal-arts's avatar
You have a note with the answer...

Curiosa37's avatar
Thank you! I'm very pleased.
p.s. Sent a submission in the reply,
Thanks again,
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Damn im such a noob for not reading this *facepalm*
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I have a mouse and he hasn't got a house I don't know why I call him Gerald. He's getting rather old but he's a good mouse.
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CentauranHobbyist General Artist
We have rats. We call them 'bastard'. But of most interest is that we have huge huntsman spiders, all of whom are called ... Gerald!
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ger696Professional General Artist
Do you have some interest for my work?

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see note :)

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ChaosKatieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey...where's the *MindOfLead in the affiliates list? I thought our groups where buddies, gee whiz! lol.
the-surreal-arts's avatar
It wasn't on the list when I took over here, and you never asked that I recall.
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ChaosKatieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh what the hell--I need to pay attention to whose journal I am looking at! LOL, I was completely talking about another club. I'm Sorry!!
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larkin-artProfessional Traditional Artist
:dance: hurray! 1000 wonderful dreams, vivid nightmares and fevered hallucinations! Excellent work, everyone, here's to 1000 more! :boogie:
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Well... (cough) since you accepted my suggestion for the theme - believe I'm obligated to participate :)

Have an idea for it - now to find the time to get it done.

Think this should get some interesting images
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