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As the moderator in charge of this task, I shall be searching and feauturing exceptional surrealist/Visionary/Fantastic Artists within the confines of DeviantArt, whom i find needing our Attention...This will help promote the artist and his art, and at the same time liven up the surreal spirit within the club and all around DA!!!

The artist chosen in the exceptional surreal/fantastic/visionary artist feature will be judged according to the originality, symbolic power, and outstanding use of medium and composition of his work...i will be taking suggestions from all the members for the one they think deserve this feature so note me on my page, and if i find them deserving, then they will be included in the article.

Issue no. 1: Feature Artist  :iconpeterzigga:

Submitted  news article about him ...
Click the link to fave or comment on the said article here  :bulletred:news.deviantart.com/article/29…

Issue No. 2: Featured Artist  :iconsytraxia:

Submitted  news article about him ...
Click the link to fave or comment on the said article here  :bulletred:news.deviantart.com/article/30…

Issue No. 3: Featured Artist  : :iconlauren-rabbit:

Submitted News Article About her
Click the link to fave of comment on the said article here  :bulletred:news.deviantart.com/article/31…

Issue no. 4 & 5: Featured Artist  
:iconliviaa: and :iconartofthemystic:

Submitted  news article about them ...
Click the link to fave or comment on the said article here  :bulletred:news.deviantart.com/article/47…

and here:news.deviantart.com/article/47…

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gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
I do agree to the idea that one can vote for himself...hence in the rules it says all members can vote, and the contestants are members so i see why eyebrows raise...nevertheless its shameless self narcissism...otherwise it Dali...or wqhatever...oh well...lets cross our fingers and hope many people vote...Mind if i do some propaganda in my journal...ask people to vote(not for me of course) but if they like...oh well....
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Thank you, as always.
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gromykoProfessional Traditional Artist
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Fifteen...Its creeping higher.
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how bizarre! there were so many entrants, and only so few would vote??!! although i don't think that voting for yourself is a very good idea! it's a bit rude or egotistical at the least! if we all voted for ourselves, it would be hard to pick a winner! lol

i do hope some more people vote though! 11 is really quite disappointing...perhaps it's because it's the easter weekend and a lot of people are out of town! perhaps you could extend the voting for another week?!
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Perhaps it is better to make a poll next time. I think sending a note with a top 3 is just too much of an effort for most people.

Perhaps voting should even be constrained* for members.

*(not sure if this is the right word)
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Apparently so, but I didn't really want the results to show until the end. Oh well.
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but I didnt understand : can I vote too ?? and where do I vote ?? sorry for beeing a nuisance :( !!
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All club members are encouraged to vote. Just send me a note with your three favorites. You are allowed to vote for yourself.
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exactly... i didn't vote because i think it's a bit funny to minimize or maximize my chance to win, when i vote for someone else or myself.. ;)

i think it would be better, when only the non-contestants could vote or something.

by the way:
really cool works are there at the contest,
good luck to all the others and keep up the
great work!! :D
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Ok, I'm coming to your page, thk !! (but I dont like the idea of voting for myself, not at all...)
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Yeah I have the same problem I think it is kind of weird to vote if you are a contestant.
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