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Apocalypse (reworked)

Other works from me

EDIT 27/09/2015 : uploaded reworked version

I thought of that when the news started spreading information about the nuclear power plants disasters in Japan: why did they ever build nuclear power plants in a highly seismic area?


Entered the :iconthefavouritecontests: contest. Wish me luck!
Reworked version:
-reference :…
-Textures from

Orginial version :
-Made with Gimp
-reference pictures:
*personal stocks
*Bits and pieces from FreeFoto
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A nice work! And in real life the world is falling into darkness...

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The ultimate result of being a sanctuary city.
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This is an awesome picture! May I use it as cover for an apocalyptic short story? (The story is strictly non-commercial. Free for everybody. :) )I would give you credit and link back to your page, if it is ok. 
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You have my consent to use the image "Apocalypse" for your short story under the following conditions : non-commercial and credited.
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Thx a lot. :)

Here is the link to the story on Wattpad:…

Credit and link to this page are at the bottom. Let me know if you would like something changed or additional infomation (Facebook page, etc.)
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Aah I don't speak German XD, I'm relying on google to translate :)

If it's no trouble to you It would be great if you could add a link to my fb page

Have a nice day!
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Done. :)

I also put your tumbler link there (one can't have enough exposure these days... :P

Great artwork. I love “Dapnée” :)

Merci beaucoup!
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Thank you I appreciate it!
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i use this image for youtube video + little edit ( i hope you don't mind )…
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very nice!

Deadly awsume,

how can you make something realistic like this?
I would like to use your picture of Apocalypse on a website I'm building to talk about the story of Noah and the ark. Noah survived the end of the world as he knew it. We could face the end of the world through nuclear holocaust, an agricultural crisis leading to massive starvation, the earth's being hit by and asteroid, the earth's coming too near a rogue black hole, and more. Anyway, your wonderful picture would be great for illustrating the page. I would credit you. OK?
Please check link. I've use your artwork to showcase some trailer tracks I've composed. Please let me know in case this is not ok? I have given you full credit of course! Thank you so much! 

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awesome, looks very realistic
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This is amazing! Very eerie, but brilliant! 
Amazing.....check your PM!
Hey, love the picture!  Hope you don't mind, but I've used this image in a small zombie game I've been creating in my free time.  I've linked back to you for credit.  Please let me know if this is okay!
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@covewood I agree it would be fun if all those conditions were met... but haha the odds of that are against you. You'd probably be left with half a functional body if you lived at all... but it's a nice thought.
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I would love to live an apocalypse, I think it would be an experience to live even if I was fighting to find food and water, it would be cool if it was with someone, a friend.
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Thank you! I'm glad you informed me and put a link back to this page. It's most often not the case.
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You're Welcome :) We respect authors/designers/artists the same way you do.
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