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Part of me likes to imagine that this is a scene from Harry Potter and this is simply one of the many unmentioned creatures that live in the forbidden forest of Hogwarts! Maybe I should paint in a squid tentacle wrapped around the hind leg!!! :lol: I am sorry if you are Potter hater and I have hence fourth ruined your perception of this image. (Though to dislike Harry Potter raises SEVERAL or should I say Severus!? questions in my mind about you!) :giggle:

Anyway I have actually had the file of the horse complete with wings, mane and tail etc fully prepped just sitting on my computer for ages! I just really could not figure out what I would like to do with it! I experimented with it jumping off a waterfall or looking like it was landing on a rock somewhere in a cloudscape but with all of these it just meant that the horse took up a very small part of the picture which I thought was a shame considering how long I have actually worked on putting it together! And don't mention the splashes or dodgy tail or I might just cry!!! Rarrrh! FRUSTRATION!!! :noes:

Credits :heart:

Wings - [link]
Horse - [link]
Lake - [link]
Splashes - [link]

This is not stock, please respect it as such!

You may however download and use as a desktop wallpaper and as a wallpaper only!!! Please do not use for any characters or claim as your own etc etc and let me know! (:

Edit: Still not happy with the splashes!!! :(
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