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Cuento de hadas

Close up: [link]

This is not stock so please respect it as such. If you click download it should be big enough for your desktop wallpaper but that use is as far as it goes folks!

Oh it's a Unicorn! Oh ho no my little friend it is a double Unicorn! (OH MY GOD DOUBLE UNICORN... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!) :la: Well that is what I am calling it until someone tells me the proper name if there is one... deer?

Anyway I wanted to do another Unicorn [link] and [link] were my little first baby DA attempts! Kinda makes me all emotional and stuff. So yeah please don't claim as your own etc etc. Hope you like it! It has been a long time since I actually made a proper background!

Oh and Cuento de hadas is Spanish for Fairy tale. Nawww.

Credits :heart:

Horse: [link]
Waterfall: [link] [link] [link]
Cliff bits: [link] [link] [link] and my own!
Ferns: [link] by [link] and [link]
Brushes: [link] [link]
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I really like it! Seriously thinking if I'm going to use it as desktop picture ;d
rebex1213's avatar
It would probably be called a bi-corn or a di-corn. Uni means one, and bi/di means two.
Bumble-Bee-Bree's avatar
LOVE this simply amazing :D :hug:
Dashing-Designs's avatar
flip me, that is one cool um DEER?! :XD: this is amazing! I never knew you could do this! I only really knew you for your amazing stock! this is beautiful though! I'm so jealous of all these great artists! :giggle:
The-strawberry-tree's avatar
Haha! I do some art occasionally when I get some inspiration! Maybe I should get a separate art account! :giggle: Thank you though! I am glad you like this and the stock!
Dashing-Designs's avatar
Wow well keep doing it it is amazing! :XD: Your art and stock! :giggle: Your welcome! :tighthug:
ladynaevia's avatar
This is beautiful, hun!
The-strawberry-tree's avatar
That means a lot! Thank you! :hug:
ladynaevia's avatar
Your blended backgrounds are fantastic.
Amazing job!
Nykkida's avatar

I love the colors. The way you've arranged it makes for a great fantasy feel. =3
The-strawberry-tree's avatar
The-strawberry-tree's avatar
alais-photography's avatar
...this is actually....I cannot even. :heart:
candyhorse's avatar
Beautiful! It has this wonderful eery glow and I love how magical it all looks!
EquineReflection's avatar
Love the colours! The unicorn itself is quite gorgeous! :D
The-strawberry-tree's avatar
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