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Hiya Darlings,

If you are skimming this headline, please take the time to read the entire blog. This blog contains important information that applies to all group members! Over the next couple of days, I am going to be reorganizing and restructuring the group. The basic group that we all love will essentially stay the same. It's just going to be a little neater and more streamlined. I'd also like to say Welcome to All of our New Members! :heart:


:new: Update # 2 :new: Phase 2 Complete! I've finally finished going through the folders. I have officialy hovered over every single image in this group to check to see if they are listed in the Resources & Stocks section. All non-stock listings should be removed from the group by now, unless I overlooked one. It kind of makes me sleepy going through all of those folders. lol

Now, I want to say that just because an image was removed, it was not a personal attack on anyone. I really don't want anyone to be upset because they had one or more images removed. This was purely an effort to clean up the folders. This is a stock group, not a photography or art group. The only non-stock images that should be submitted to this group are either Contest Entries or the Art from Our Stocks folder. All other folders are exclusively reserved for Stock, Tutorials, and Stamps.

On that note, I also removed several DevIDs in the folders. If the group would like, I can create a folder specifically for your DevIDs. Let me know what you think about that and we'll see how it goes.

:star: Tomorrow Phase Three Will Begin: Tomorrow I will begin moving some Contributors to the Members category. I want to repeat that this is not a demotion. All of the permissions you currently have will remain the same. This is so that I can clear up the space in the Admin spots to create a voting panel for submissions. If you want to be a Gallery Moderator and help vote, let me know.


:new: Update #1 :new: Update: So I've been working on this since 8:00pm CST. It is now 5:34am CST. I'm still not finished. 0.o  I've renamed  and rearranged the folders. Submissions are now open. After finishing the folders at 11:00pm, I began working on removing images that are not listed in the Resources & Stocks Category of :devart:. If your work was removed, it was because it was not listed in the Resources & Stocks Section. If you had something removed that was listed in the Resources and Stocks section, let me know. I'm tired, it's possible I made a mistake somewhere. I've been cleaning up the group for nine hours straight, so forgive me.

So far I've gone through the folders from top to bottom, starting with the Featured folder and ending today with the Female Model folder. If you have stock that is not listed in the Resources and Stocks category from the Models - Groups through the Waterscapes folders (and new sub-folders) GO CHANGE IT! Err... I mean.. you still have a chance to change it before I remove it later tonight. I have probably removed at least 50, if not more, images listed in the Photography section of dA. From now on, all submissions listed in the Photography or any other Non-Stock section of dA will be declined. You will be able to resubmit all removed and/or declined images after you list them in the correct Resources and Stocks category.

I've also been moving files to their correct category folders, including to new folders that were created, so you may notice that your images are in a different place. Eventually, when I have the energy, I'm going to consolidate the Landscapes folders like I did the Waterscapes folders with sub-folders. I'm going to bed now.. Nite nite.. or.. Good Morning! :heart: :)


:star: Here is what will change:

:star: The Folders are going to be Renamed:

:bulletpink:  This means that submissions will be closed tonight from 8:00 p.m. CST until I'm finished. Hopefully it won't take more than a couple of hours at the most. Since the group is getting larger, we have a greater need for neater folders. The Contest Entry Folder will remain open! If you want a sample of what the folders will look like, take a glance at our sub-group:


:star: Submissions in Storage Will Be Removed from the Folders:

:bulletpink:  With the exception of a couple of stock providers that will be returning, all submissions that are in storage will be removed from the group folders. This makes our folders a little more aesthetically appealing and clears up space.

:star: All Submissions listed in :devart:'s Photography or Digital Art Section Will Be Removed:

:bulletpink:  This group does not accept submissions listed in the Photography section of :devart:. If you wish to offer your photography as stock, it must be listed in the Resources and Stock section. If you want to beat me to the punch on this and edit your listing, that would be great. All you have to do is go to the deviation page and click on the Edit button to list it in the correct category. I don't want to offend anyone and I still :heart: you all. I'm just cleaning up the submissions. If you want to change your submissions later to the correct stock category, you will be more than welcome to resubmit it later.

:star:  Members listed in the Contributors Section will be moved to the Members category:

:bulletpink:  This is NOT a demotion or a statement against anyone!!! Please don't take it personally, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! The permissions for Members are the exact same as Contributors so nothing will change as far as your submissions go. I am going to wait a day or two to make sure the message has time to get out to everyone before I start this portion. The reason I am doing this is to free up Admin Space so that I can create a panel of admins to vote on submissions to make the voting process faster. Right now all of our admin spots are full and we have some contributors who haven't actually contributed since 2011. If you are interested in being a Gallery Moderator, please let me know!


Now, if you are new to stock, and are just learning how to become a stock artist, please refer to our "Learning Resources for Stock Artists" folder:  the-stock-directory.deviantart… It has a lot of great information to get you started.

:star: Contest Announcements

:bulletpink:  Our Create Your Own Fantasy Photomanipulation Contest is still going until August 5th.

Create Your Own Fantasy Photomanipulation ContestThe contest is over and the winners have been announced! You can check out the winning entries here:

Create Your Own Fantasy Photomanipulation Contest
:star: Sponsored By: :iconthe-stock-directory:  and boldfrontiers
:star: Featured By:
:iconmanips-central:  :iconart-collaborations: :icon3every30days: :iconfantasy-paradise:    :iconozarks-artists:   :iconstock-for-premades:   :iconall-art-all-artists:  :iconveiwless-in-deviant: :iconeerie-and-enchanting:  :iconsilentfuneral:   :iconpshoudini:  :iconwhats-the-piont:  :iconimanipulate:   :iconi-love-manipulations:    :iconrealm-of-fantasy:   :iconfantasy-empire:  :iconsharpenededge:  :iconanothercontestgroup:   :icondeviantsgallery:   :iconphotomanipulatorsx3:   :

:bulletpink:  Our affiliates over at :iconart-collaborations: is having a contest entitled "Magic" until August 7th.


:bulletpink:    Aeirmid is hosting an official contest over at :iconthe-sacred-space: entitled "When Darkness Falls"

Contest reminder: 'When Darkness Falls'Darkness falls across the land . . .
The midnight hour is close at hand . . .
Creatures crawl in search of blood . . .
To terrorize your neighborhood!

- Michael Jackson, Thriller
You decide what happens when darkness falls!
Is it macabre? Is it fantasy? Is it emotional?
It is up to you.

Welcome to our 2012 Photomanipulation Contest, "When Darkness Falls."
This contest is being held by Aeirmid and The-Sacred-Space.
We are grateful to Community Relations for backing this contest.
Any photomanipulator can join, and all are welcome.

Your task is to complete the sentence:
When darkness falls, _____
using a photomanipulation!
[In other words: Show us what happens when Darkness falls!]
You can interpret the sentence to mean anything you want.
It doesn't have to be dark or horror/macabre,
but it must be very clear tha

:bulletpink:    charligal-stock is having a contest for stock providers entitled "Poison":

Stock creation challenge 1 - 'POISON'EDIT The entry categories of beginner, intermediate and advanced no longer run on the Amount of years you have been doing stock but on the amount of technical skill and quality of your entry. You suggest which level you are entering ur entry to and it will be added there or appropriated as needed.
Hey guys! Well it's about time we kick this thing off and the first challenge key word is...
poison[ poi-zuh n ]
1. a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or impair health.
2. something harmful or pernicious, as to happiness or well-being: the poison of slander.
:bulletred: This challenge runs for a month. Beginning NOW and ending on the 22nd July midnight EST
:bulletred: You must create stock photos specifically for the challenge.
:bulletred: There are 3 entry levels:
level 1 - BEGINNER
level 3 - ADVANCED
:bulletred: This challenged is based around the key word Poison.

:bulletpink:  faestock is hosting her 13th Creative Challenge: "Dark Jazz"

Creative Challenge #13 - Dark JazzThey're back!
The last 6 months has been a real treat seeing the creativeness you people have in store for me every fortnight.
Ready for round 2?
p.s I am working my way through the messages/emails, there are a few important ones i know are in there and will get to you asap
Creative Art Challenge
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #1 -  Clean
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #2 - Christmas
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #3 - Gateway
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #4 - Cold
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #5 - Scotland

:bulletpink:  DamselStock is having a contest using her stock entitled "Native American":

*If you are having a contest that you would like to be announced, let us know in the comments and I will add it to this list.

That's about it for now. I hope you all are having a wonderful evening or day!


- Cheryl
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thank for your work :huggle:
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thanks for the update
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Thanks for the mention :glomp:
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Wow! Sounds like you have done a HUGE amount of work. I know how much time this must have taken--thank you. Amazing. Truly amazing.
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Aww thank you! :D I think it will be worth it!
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Indeed it will! :D Have a wonderful day!
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Wow, that's a lot of work! Good Job! :clap:
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:hug: Try not to stress! We need some time to relax! :)
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oh my god
since you've had a lot of work
thank you :heart:

Take a break, the work will not run away :lol:
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Thank you for your hard work to make this a even nicer group :)
I like the new gallery :heart:
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:wow: its looking Fantastic :clap:
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Aww thank you sweetie! :glomp:
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Wow, what a lot of work! :D I'm glad the stuff posted in the Photography category is being removed, I got kinda confused seeing them in my inbox. :)
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Yeah it can get kind of confusing pretty quickly, which is why I decided to go ahead and remove them. I'm also removing any DevIDs too. I may make a folder for those later if its something the group wants though. :D
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Lots of hard work! :D
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Hehe Oooh yeah.. and now starts round two!
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