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Persona Tarot Card HD - The Lovers

By The-Stein
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(THESE ARE VERY BIG! USE DOWNLOAD IMAGE FOR FULL RESOLUTION) ***Great for printing @ a resolution of 300dpi!***

Number Six from the Persona 3/4 tarot deck.

Well this was strangely indicative of the subject matter. At first this card seemed pretty straight-forward, but after working with it for a while it turned out to be much more complex than it seemed. And the woman's side took me longer to do. Because of the saturation on the original card, it was tougher for me to see the diamond pattern.
(All appropriate copyrights to Atlus for the design)

Anyway, let's see how our friend, the Fool's doing:
The Fool comes to a cross-road, filled with energy, confidence and purpose, knowing exactly where he wants to go and what he wants to do. But he comes to a dead stop. A flowering tree marks the path he wants to take, the one he's been planning on taking. But standing before a fruit tree marking the other path is a woman. The Fool has met and had relationships with women before, some far more beautiful and alluring. But she is different. Seeing her, he feels as though he's just been shot in the heart with cupid's arrow.

That's how shocking, how painful is his "recognition" of her. As he speaks with her, the feeling intensifies; like finding a missing part of himself. It is clear that she feels the same about him. They finish each others' sentences, think the same thoughts. It is as if an Angel above had introduced their souls to each other.

Though it was his plan to follow the path of the flowering tree, and though it will cause some trouble for him to bring this woman with him, the Fool knows he dare not leave her behind. Like the fruit tree, she will fulfill him. No matter how divergent from his original intent, she is his future. He chooses her, and together they head down a whole new road.

Upright - Harmony and union, choices to be made using intuition and not intellect. Difficult decisions to be made not necessarily about love. Some form of test and consideration about commitments. Abstract thought, internal harmony and union, second sight. Possibly a struggle between two paths.

Reversed - Contradiction, deception, disharmony, duality and one's own internal conflict. Infidelity, and romantic disturbances. Indecisiveness, postponing choices and a warning not to make important decisions at this time.
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Where are you getting the chapters of the story?
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Why do bosses representing The Reversed Lovers have to be so damn disturbing?!
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mind if i use this for mlp crossover in gmod i'm planning to do a fan art
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Not a problem :)
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btw I love the avatar of igor XD
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Thanks! He's definitely one of my favorite characters =D
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All vector works, I take it? Artwise, really nice attention to details, and I can see this being handy as Persona tarot card references. I never noticed the diamond shapes.

Furthermore, I like your readings or description of each of the Arcana. Though I'm not as familiar with tarot card reading, and was only briefly introduced to it by one of the cutscenes in Persona 3, the journey/life cycle of the order of Tarot cards was a very interesting read. Your more detailed description for this Lovers Arcana is very sound and fitting-- especially for MC's particular point in his journey.

Thanks for elaborating on each card, piece by piece!
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Thanks very much! Yeah these are exclusively vector images. One of the things that drew me to vector art was its infinite scalability, so adding raster bits kinda defeats the purpose imo. I never liked it when I found a really nice picture that was at a really low resolution. So it's like a hobby of sorts, "restoring" low-res (the in-game card textures I'm using as starting material are almost criminally small) pictures to what they could be, starting with these.
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