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Persona Tarot Card HD - Death

By The-Stein
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Number Thirteen from the Persona 3/4 tarot deck.
Sorry to jump ahead like this, but this will probably be my last card for a while, so I thought it fitting to do one that represents the end (I plan to finish though, but not until summer. Y'know how it is.)

So, since Death is something that's been around as long as there's been life, I tried to make the card look old and decrepit. Lines that would normally have been smooth and straight, are jagged and irregular; the skull particularly, and the doors.

Big things are about to happen to the Fool:
Having left the tree from where he hung, the Fool moves carefully through a fallow field, head still clearing from visions. The air is cold and wintry, the trees bare. He knows he has started on his spiritual journey in earnest, but feels strangely empty and profoundly sad, as if he has lost something.

Before him he sees, rising with the sun, a skeleton in black armor mounted on a white horse. He recognizes it as Death. As it stops before him, he humbly asks, "Have I died?" And the Skeleton answers, "Yes, in a way. You sacrificed your old world, and your old self. Both are gone, dead."

The Fool cannot keep from weeping. "Forgive me," he says, embarrassed by his tears.

"There is nothing to forgive," Death replies. "Mourning is natural and you must deal with your loss before you can accept anything new. Bear in mind, however, that old leaves must wither and fly away from a tree's branches, leaving them bare, before new green leaves can appear."

As Death rides away, the Fool sees the truth in those words. He, too, feels like a skeleton. All that he was, stripped away. This, he understands, is how all great transformations start, by removing everything down to bare bone or soil so that something new has room to grow.

Upright - The beginning of a new life. As a result of underlying circumstances transformation and change. Major changes. The end of a phase in life which has served its purpose. Abrupt and complete change of circumstances, way of life and patterns of behaviour due to past events and actions. Alterations.

Reversed - Change that is both painful and unpleasant. A refusal to face the fear of change or change itself. Agonising periods of transition. Inertia. Lethargy. Mental, physical or emotional exhaustion.
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I sent you a note a few days ago, would you mind letting me know? Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
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You should check out the details on this card it's pretty incredible.
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hello i was once Piff234
i used this card as the bg of an elizabeth picture
i re-postedd the art on my new account, i sourced you for it,
even though i asked you to use it and you said yes, if the re-posting of it offends you, i will take it down
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Why should that offend me? I'm always flattered when someone chooses to use my work.
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just double checking
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Beautiful job on this. :)
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Thank you! I really am pleased with how it turned out.
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this is simply amazing...[link]
I have seen several Persona Arcana drawings, but nothing as high quality as yours!!!
R u planning to draw more? Plz do! [link]
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oh wow this is awesome dude. :wow: im planning to cosplay naoto for an upcoming convention so it'd be awesome if you could do a fortune tarot card sometime between now and july. if you cant, no probs, but your cards look super cool. :la:
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"It doesn't matter who you are...DEATH awaits you!"
i like death arcana XD and on the persona rpg i'm going to play with some friends that's going to be my arcana \o/
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It's a more complex card that is often misunderstood. It's right up there with the Tower as far as earth-shattering, smack-you-about-the-face-ness. If you get Death, big things are about to happen.
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i know....when there's an end...there's gonna be a new begining....that's one of the reasons for me to like this arcana
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