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Watercolor Daisies

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Some watercolor daisies. Just some practice so I can suck less at flowers. (Insert obligatory gripe about vicious, watercolor-killing scanners here.)
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your water color ability is so great !
from flowers to landscape to machines is all good :)
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This is amazing. One question though: (if you don't mind answering) --What brand of watercolors do you use? :]
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Thanks. :) I've switched to Winsor & Newton / Cotman for most of my stuff, though this one I think had some Grumbacher in it.

What about you?
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Well my work is pathetic compared to yours, but I really like the Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. I think the pencils are easier to control compared to just the paints.
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No it isn't. Your horses have real character, I think. Keep at it. :)

Yeah, that's the thing with watercolors. If you're looking for control, you may as well use another medium. Watercolor is sort of its own boss, and you just have to learn how to use its wild ways to your advantage. :) (Not saying I've figured this out yet, but the journey is fun.)
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Oh you've definitely figured it out :]
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this is a really gorgeous work...awesome.
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Thank you so much. :)
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I feature this wonderful work in my journal. [link]
Hope that is okay with you. If you don't want it there please inform me and I will remove it immediately. Bye Sunny
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Thank you so much!! :heart:
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only 44 favourites?! I can't believe it
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Aw, you're sweet. They're just practice flowers, really. :heart:
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These are beautiful, they make me miss my daisies. daisies don't grow here, my old house was surrounded by them, but not here. :(
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We get daisies by the million here in spring. I love daisies. :) Thanks!
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Daisies are fantastic, and you paint them beautifully!
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Again, wonderful attention to detail. It makes me wish I didn't suck so much at watercolours. :(
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Thanks, it was fun practice. I'll have to do more flowers. :D Aw, I'm sure you don't. I would have sucked like way if I hadn't had some classes.
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So perfect...
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