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TFP Starscream

Just some Starscream practice, done on the iPad. Tumblr link: [link]
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Love this. My favourite part is the emotion you captured here. Great job!
aidantheawsome123's avatar
yep you can't be a back stabber with out a knife.
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oooh hes so hawt :3
Nortstar's avatar
he look great :D
Name-of-a-Rose's avatar
:) Wow, Screamer looks good. Nice job! I love your work!
Hinata1313's avatar
... what knife?...

Though I don't like Starscream you did a wonderful job here. :)
broken-and-whole's avatar
I really like this! Its really good! :)
Sounddrive's avatar
You've drawn him beautifully!
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mycatlikestuna's avatar
you call this practice?! this is like, masterpiece quality!

sexy, sexy Starscream. :)
Lycoris-47's avatar
Loving the heels! And the smug grin - ready to do Megatron in again, Starscream?
Grumpy-Old-Snake's avatar
He looks so... young. And smug. (And all too ready to backstab someone. :D )
WolfyFox3's avatar
Wow. Beautiful. I LOVE the colours you chose for the background. Very fitting somehow.
MidnightRushing's avatar
"Just some practice"?
This is amazing! I love it.
Man, this really makes me want to catch up on Prime now...
neoyi's avatar
Os that a knife? OH STARSCREAM! You and your backstabbing.
Semi-Obsessed's avatar
"just some practice" If I made that I'd be bouncing off walls with happiness ><
LadySuzaku's avatar
A sinister 'Screamer with clear intent.... great work!
Johnny-Spectre's avatar
Hi, Commander Stilleto
SnowFox102's avatar
Pffff... :lol: I was thinking the same thing! Also there's a point in Prime where someone (Smokescreen? I don't remember) calls him a "Stilleto-heeled creep." XD

Beautifully done as always, Starhorse!
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