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Hermione: Book vs. Fanfic

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I actually liked Hermione as a character until I started reading fanfic. SO LAME.

:iconmakani: did something like this for Draco (which was hilarious, btw), so this idea isn't very original. But I think after my five-zillionth fanfic in which "Mione" (shudder) does Dallas, Snape, every Weasley in the clan (sometimes twice), Draco, Harry, Snarry, BiSnarry, ChiLSnarry, etc., etc....I had to draw this. I mean, seriously, isn't there any fiction about Hermione??? You know, the bookish, slightly dorky girl on the left...

Texture courtesy of the pavement outside my office building.
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Remember that time Hermione was kidnapped from his parents and her name was 'Bloody Marry'?
Good times...
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A veryhonest comparison of the two
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Yeah, I've noticed this too. You think they'd at least use Emma Watson as a starting point. She's slim and has rather small boobs. In the book, Hermione has insane curly hair that more often than not is unmanageable and a huge birds nest of tangles. They tried this in the movies, for like, half a second, but failed miserably to correctly portray her hair even when they were trying.
Such a shame. Hermione is one of my favorite characters and a lot of fanfiction (good and bad (yes good exists)) have, for some reason, made her curvy... No... just no.
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In the 1st movie her hair and entire appearance are spot-on. In the 1st movie you always see her and think "That's her. That is Hermione Granger".
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SO true! I love her the way she is, beautiful and natural, not eye candy.
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All the more reason to stay away from Harry Potter fanfiction! 
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Can you please combined them together just for fun please
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i read fanfics all up to the part where it describes her. A lot of fanfics now a days change her hair to be tamed, blonde, and make her have the "perfect" curves. Hermione was pretty originally, when she was a bookworm, slightly a geek, but she had beauty! It was a subtle, warm, natural beauty. I don't know why people  can't keep her that way, She is love-able just the way she was without making her eye candy.
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Holy mother of god.
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Aka fanfic version written by someone who has never seen a real female
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HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is brilliant and SO true!!!
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Hot damn! She looks great!
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I prefer book style
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there are good fics of Hermione but you do have to search carefully because there are so many bad fan fictions.
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I'm glad I manage to stay away from most of those fics......... 
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I agree, half the fanfics I read she is a you know what and it takes away from her lovely personality. if anyone is the fanfic Hermione it's um really ginny, she got pretty loose in some of the later books (well in my opinion).
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Both versions look fine... ;-)
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That one on the left is still sexy and that is how some of us right her in. Ourselves
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I mean, seriously!!!
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