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I'll be exhibiting at Granite State Comic Con in Manchester,NH this weekend 9/13-9/14. 
I'll be at Booth A7! Come say Hi! Here is a map
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I will be exhibiting at the Boston Comic Con” August 8th,9th, and 10th. You can find me at Booth D1012!
I will be debuting 4 new Poster’s at the con, come check out the entire images at my booth. If your interested in pre-ordering a sketch for pick up at the con, email me at dan @, limited spots left!
See the map below to find me:

The Posters I'll be debuting:

  • Listening to: too many podcasts :(
  • Reading: comics
  • Watching: documentaries
  • Playing: Dark Souls 2
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I've been offline for awhile as the summer is coming to an end and wanted to update with some recent commission's. I had the pleasure of creating some artwork for a client that feature WWE superstars CM PUNK, John Cena and Kane. As always I'm open for commissions on a first come first serve basis drop me an email if you would like a custom piece of artwork.
Also I've put some of my most popular artwork on a series of posters available for purchase on my Etsy store, check it out if you would like some art for your walls.
My Etsy store

Next convention I will be appearing at is the Rhode Island Comiccon on november 3rd and 4th in providence,RI


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Spring 2012 Convention Appearance Schedule:
I will be exhibiting at the Boston Comic Con
on Saturday April 21 & Sunday April 22 at the Hynes Convention Center.

I will next be exhibiting at the Granite State Comicon
on Sunday June 10th at the Radisson Center,Manchester,NH.

If you would like to PRE-ORDER a sketch,commission,or sketch card for pick up at one of these conventions I am currently
open for taking PRE-ORDERS I will create them custom for you on a first come first serve basis. You can pick
them up at the convention already completed. Email me and we can get started.
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I've had a few questions about commission's lately, so I figured I'd make a new post.
I'm open for commissions again and will take them on a first come basis.

for a single character, pencils and ink on 9x12 bristol-$15
for a full color sketch card $10

Larger size artwork or extra characters/background specifics would cost additional.

PM me or email at dan @ for further details.

Thanks for checking out my art!
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I'll next be appearing at the Comic Geek Speak Supershow in Reading, PA on April 31st and May 1st.
I'm taking pre-order commission for pick up at the show, if you would like a custom piece of artwork,sketch card etc send me a pm, or email and I'll hook you up.
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I will be appearing at The Wild Pig Spring convention on Sunday April 3rd in Somerset,NJ.
I'm taking pre-orders for sketches, sketch card and commissions.
Send me an email or PM if you would like to pre-order some art for pick up
at the show and see you there!
Wild Pig Comics Spring Show
Sunday April 3rd
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Happpy Thanksgiving Everyone.

I'm thankful for my friends and family, and the outlet of artwork.

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Well I'll be kicking off this year of Comic con's I'll be appearing at first up will be
Comic Geek Speak Super Show 2010 March 27th and 28th, A great con that is very artist focused in Reading,PA.

Next up would be the Boston Comic Con April 10th and 11th, they've put together a great guest list and a new water front location. More news to come. If you would like a commission to pick up at one of these shows contact me and I'll make it happen!

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I'll be appearing at the Boston Comic Con on October 24th and 25th.

I'll have my new preview book Punch*Maniacs! for sale. Along with
sketch books, sketch cards, prints, and I'll be doing sketches Come by and say Hi!

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I recently lost my best friend to cancer
related illness and old age. His name was
Vader he was the best dog a guy could have.
He was always there when you needed him
and always eager for attention. He was
patient when I lost my patience and always
a good dog to lean on. Many nights he slept
at my foot as I finished drawings. Always
happy when I returned home. I will never
forget him and miss his friendship forever.
Vader R.I.P. 1996-2009.

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I’m happy to announce that Short Stack #4 from Angry Gnome Comics has been released. I have a story in the anthology written by series creator Shawn Gabborin and Art by me. Short Stack #4 is a horror anthology comic and it is available on Indy Planet.  Check it out!
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I've had some requests for commissions so I am posting my rates for anyone interested.

9x12 archival quality bristol board.
Pencils 1 character: $15
Pencils and Inked: $20

more characters or background-negotiable
Marker/watercolor available on request.

11x17 bristol board
Pencils 1 character $25
Inked $35

more characters or background-negotiable
Marker/watercolor available on request.

11x17 bristol board
Pencils and Inked-$35

All work will include a free sketch card. I am flexible to offer what the buyer wants
so if you have a question about a rate or piece just ask, thanks!
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More work being uploaded soon. I got 2 covers done for freinds coming. I'm working on an original 6 page story that will be finished being penciled this month. and some more sketches.
I just read Kirkman and Wallkers "The Destroyer" from marvel, fun read check it out.

Keep Rockin,
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