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My First Fish

My first fish ever, and he's still alive 10 months later. His name is Nasa, originally 'Haiden' but that is someone's middle name and I don't want the wrong people to find this out.

His favorite hobbies are staring at me (especially as if I'm an alien declaring war instead of his caretaker), and hiding. Yet he reminds me of myself...defensive and cautious at first, then he warms up and trusts more. Except his memory is short because this happens whenever I re-enter the room. this shot is him when he's gotten used to me.

I hope you can see his personality in this shot.

The shadow is from the flash...not deliberate, something I want to eliminate in the future with better lighting.
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Jan 5, 2009, 6:03:16 PM
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Wulfnraven's avatar
What an amazing shot!!! Wish I could get pics like this of my fighters :)
elena-landry's avatar
sup Nasa, u should meet Fishy Swa... (i put him in a tank of 3 other bettas and he was the one who cautiously approached them and got everyone to be friends) CAUSE THEY R THAT AWESOME i :heart: bettas.
3picMik3y's avatar
its like: wat u lukin at?
elemente's avatar
It's trying to steal my soul! D8 EEEEEE!!!

Very lovely closeup shot! I could never get my Omega to hold still long enough for that.
elemente's avatar
Oh gawd...I just realized I've already commented on this! *Fail*
Rhavencroft's avatar
He is so cute!!
rofl he looks like he could win just about any staring contest :XD:
elemente's avatar
Biggest pouty face evah!
Pipann's avatar
Never seen a black betta with red eyes..

...also never seen one this close upped! XD :+fav:
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This piece has been featured here: [link]

Kushita's avatar
Can I ask how you did your photo process of the little guy when you took his pic?
copperarabian's avatar
I love fish, If you put him in a 30 to 50 gallon tank he can get up to 7 inches long :D it's awesome!

I have a Sailfin Pleco who's a little over a foot and a red parrot/convict cichlid hybrid who's 5 inches
the-square-root-of-3's avatar
bettas can really get 7 inches long? wow that's amazing.
two of mine are in about 2 gallons each now (and the other in maybe 1 gallon) but 10 is the biggest tank i'm allowed to have where i'm living.
copperarabian's avatar
Maybe sometime you'll get to see a big one sometime :D
Death-Pony7's avatar
Is he black? I love the way those ones look!
the-square-root-of-3's avatar
partially black, but definitely dark. I like those ones too. that's why I got him actually - he was the darkest one in the pet store that day!
Death-Pony7's avatar
someboldseer's avatar
It's like a terrifying alien creature. Love it. :D
the-square-root-of-3's avatar
I think he would be flattered, lol.
AusTex's avatar

is that an oscar?
the-square-root-of-3's avatar
he's the same one in [link] (if that link doesn't work, hopefully [link] will).
I'm not sure if the links will work for other people because it's a stored deviation
the-square-root-of-3's avatar
betta! he's really dark though, like Henry (I think they're related!)
obajihasan's avatar
I'll say
This photo is very nice one RAELLY!!! :clap:

I LIKE IT :deviation:
Athanious's avatar
Dear you made a typo in the first sentence. XD GLUB GLUB GLUB!
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