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:bulletorange: Former contests
:bulletpink: The Spuffy Christmas Contest 2008
:bulletpink: The Missing Scene Contest
:bulletpink: Spike the Slayer & Buffy the Vampire Contest
:bulletpink: Twilight/BtVS Crossover Contest
:bulletpink: The Reunion Contest
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:bulletorange: Suggestions for new themes
:bulletpink: Battle
:bulletpink: The last dance
:bulletpink: Spike's victory
:bulletpink: Blood and bites
:bulletpink: Dreams
:bulletpink: Comfort
:bulletpink: Birthday
:bulletpink: Vampireclaim
:bulletpink: Marriage
:bulletpink: Offspring
:bulletpink: Time travel
:bulletpink: A trip to another dimension
:bulletpink: Spell gone wrong - again
:bulletpink: Seasonal Spuffy
:bulletpink: Spuffy AU/All Human
- Victorian Era Spuffy
- High School
- Holiday
:bulletpink: Canon themes
- Halloween of Season 2 (Ethan's spell)
- Gem of Amara
- Willow's "Thy will be done" spell
- The adventures of Randy and Joan
- Musical ("Once more with feeling")
- Shanshu Prophecy
:bulletpink: Crossovers
- Angel
- True Blood
- Vampire Diaries

:bulletgreen: If any of the suggestions sound appealing to you feel free to comment or note me and I'll take it into consideration when I choose the theme for the next contest
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The Spuffy Club
This is a club for all fans of the nuanced relationship between the characters Spike and Buffy from the cult-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.  
As a member feel free to contribute to the club by submitting art and/or by enjoying and supporting the art of others.  Please spread the word!

Buffy, Spike and all other characters from BtVS belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
No copyright infringement intended.
This is an unofficial fanclub who owns nothing and gain no profit from the BtVS concept.

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