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- Welcome -

:bulletblack: Welcome to TsR :bulletblack:
TsR is a closed species ARPG revolving around a species known as Kibuoni's. Kibu's are also known as Souleaters, their primary duty is so collect souls from the mortal world and pass them on into the spirit realm before they become a serious threat to mortals.
Despite the species being closed, we have many many options that allow users to get their first Kibu for free, so please don't be discouraged!
Join us, enter the realm and see what adventures lay beyond.

If you need a quick run down on where to go, please see the directory! It explains what each link is and what they take you to!


:bulletblack:Rules (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:FAQ (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Directory (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Spirit Board (News) (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Meet the Staff (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:World & Locations (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Lore (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Events (TBA):bulletblack:


:bulletblack:Species Guide (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Starter Guide (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:MYO Guide (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Realm Guide (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Currency Guide (TBA):bulletblack:


:bulletblack:Collectibles (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Items (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Companions (TBA):bulletblack:
:bulletblack:Currency (TBA):bulletblack:


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