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The Spheres Virtual Platform presents:

In November 2011, The Spheres present N-Sphere, the gallery's monthly magazine. Gradually expanding to form its own galaxy, the N-Sphere includes an interconnected section with the music world. Main features for this month are: In Slaughter Natives, De Occulta Philosophia, Death In June. Fire+Ice. Vurgart, Sedmikrásky, Sylvestre Anasse, Peter Mal'a, Viktor Vasnetsove.

The November guest exhibit features Timothy Andrew Wilson this month, a visual artist currently residing in the United States. In Timothy Andrew Wilson's effusive interrogations, stepping stones slope out towards the recognition of value in veracity. Visit the guest gallery here. An exclusive interview with the artist is included in the current issue of N-Sphere.

By November 15th, our first E-book collections will be made available online, together with a special announcement and a winter surprise. Keep an eye on the Spheres.

|| Warning. The galleries may contain art that is not suitable for children and other impressionable minds. By accessing the guest gallery and downloading the issue of N-Sphere, you are confirming that you are of legal age in your country.

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Submitted on
November 7, 2011