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So this is my newest attempt at Rebels fanart, intended for the contest. IDK man I have a lot of mixed feelings on this. Perhaps if I'd scaled it better somehow? I've had this concept in my head for a while. Takes the water balloon idea up a notch when you turn simple balloons into paint-exploding detonators! After all, a Rebel's gotta have some fun once in a while! OK so while the building and the scaling is kinda iffy there are a lot of good things about this piece. Though you'll probably have to zoom in to get all the detail, I love how Ezra and Sabine turned out, especially considering how difficult the poses were. And that random Imperial guy down there...! HIS FACE! XD If it's not entirely obvious he's holding the key to his landspeeder, which started out looking like a normal earth key and became something akin to the design of Ezra's house key. Who knows if landspeeders even need keys to begin with, but it looked nice anyway; helped give the illusion he was just doing his normal thing when all of a sudden BOOM everything's orange. Yeah originally this was going to be full-color but I wasn't thrilled with the aspect of doing that much work again after having just finished that severely detailed Inside Out fanart. But I liked the idea of just having one burst of color, something kinda representative of the growing Rebellion. Oh and the landspeeder! My first-ever public try at a SW vehicle! It's not perfect but it's a pretty impressive feat considering all things! So yeah honestly I do love the drawing despite its flaws. I could completely see these kids doing this in their spare time :)

Ezra, Sabine, that Imperial, and all elements of Star Wars belong to Lucasfilm/Disney. The drawing itself belongs to me.
Tools used: FireAlpaca, Photoshop Elements 11
Specialty brushes courtesy of Photoshop Elements 11
Watermark Font: Walt Disney Script
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LOL! Look at the Officer's face! Priceless. Also, Car Keys are still one of the Greatest Inventions Ever!