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Group Info Group Founded 10 Years ago Statistics 170 Members
46,809 Pageviews527 Watchers

Gallery Folders

Commission-Terios by Ade-AndaRio
Original - Sonic Super Digest 6 Cover by Elesis-Knight
PC: Diving by KetrinDarkDragon
Hyper Sonic by KetrinDarkDragon
Janurary 2011
Sonic3 Hydrocity zone by Joelchan
Sonic The Hedghog by TrueRetroSonic
Epic Holiday. by silverstar23
Doomsday's End by Gold-Buster
February 2011
We've got a winner here by ShockRabbit
Dark hedgehog by Angrysonicgamer
The Magic Forest by Salamandra-Ignis
club soda :Tails X Fiona: by edtropolis
March 2011
Only One Enerjak by GrimweaverArt
Brofist by missyuna
Black Gloves by FenriRez
April 2011
Sonic in Ponyville -Colored- by ss2sonic
Rouge by SpyrotheFox
May 2011
Sonic the Fighters: Next Opponent by Aerobian-Angel
camera :Knuckles family: by edtropolis
Sonic and Amy Rose by ThePandamis
June 2011
Sonic CD by MLeth
His World by Robaato
Metal Sonic -Final- by FangDude
gatecrasher by edtropolis
July 2011
Metamorphosis. by silverstar23
Twenty by XibalbaPiixan
Back To Basics by Default-Deviant
Sonic the Hedgehog CD by Rokkan-Illidian
August 2011
Introducing Frost by Fox-Gungrave
9month by lujji
Meteor impact by DieBronzeneule
September 2011
Scrapped by GrimweaverArt
Dark Metal by GrimweaverArt
Sonic Tribute by DigiFlohw
Sonic Cover by AlkalineAzel
October 2011
That insolent robber by DieBronzeneule
November 2011
The Red Ghost. by silverstar23
December 2011
SA Sonic and items by xRubiMalonex
Jan. 2012
G.U.N Shadow by kekani
Feb. 2012
Hero or villain by Midowko
March 2012
Child of Chaos by GrimweaverArt
April 2012
Sticks in blue by Ade-AndaRio
May 2012
Staring at the stars :Cream n Tails: by Mitzy-Chan
June 2012
... by Midowko
July 2012
Mighty the Armadillo by AlkalineAzel
December 2012
August 2013
Intergenerational Conflict by knockabiller
January 2014
Nimue by aoki6311
March 2014
Don't Dare by D-Thessy


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Group Info

We Showcase DeviantArt's finest Artwork from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

This is a group dedicated to collecting and promoting a premium selection of the finest Sonic the Hedgehog art that DeviantART has to offer.
Founded 10 Years ago
Dec 14, 2009


Group Focus
Art Collection

170 Members
527 Watchers
46,809 Pageviews
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This is a group dedicated to collecting and promoting a premium selection of the finest Sonic the Hedgehog art that DeviantART has to offer. ;)

To become a member, please put a link to one of your (best) artworks into the join request's message box. If you join and you don't provide a link you will be declined, automatically!

Before you continue to read on, keep in mind there is always a possibility your art will be rejected form the group. You are allowed to submit 2 images per week to avoid the inbox from overloading. If your image is declined, do not resubmit that same image. If you'd like an explanation for declined art or a critique, please ask on your submission ticket, or send the group a note. Do not post questions on the front page or it will ignored. Conversations like that should be discussed in private not in the open. If you aren't able to handle rejection or you don't plan on submitting, then The-Sonic-Group may not be the right group for you. You have an alternative to watch the group. :)

Gallery Submissions: What we expect from our big happy family!

:orange:Anatomy - Understanding anatomy is a key component. It doesn't matter if you have a cartoonish style or strive for realism, your underlining structure has to make SENSE.

:orange:Lineart - If the lineart of a submission looks choppy then it brings the entire piece down. Your lineart should be crisp and/or show an element of depth. This also goes for sloppy rendering jobs. Your submission doesn't have to be flawless but it has to make sense, but we want to see relatively clean/crisp edges.

:orange:Color/Greyscale - Color should be used to enhance The same goes for images that are within a gray-scale setting. the atmosphere of the art piece. In regards of using your tools of creation, you need to also keep it clean. Remember this: color is not always required for your submissions.

:orange:Think about it: Background and the Composition - Your background should complement the piece. It's always nice to have a setting for your character so the viewer can get a sense of what is going on!:D Remember: we will not require you to have EVERY image submitted with a background, but be creative and bless your fellow members with a image that will rock the shit out of them when they see it in their inbox! Be yourself and show off your art.

Composition should be clear. A focal point is present and the elements are arranged to draw in the viewer's eye. If you choose to draw illustrations or comics it's totally up to you!

:orange:Presentation - Lopsided artwork, edges of the page/sketchbook visible, coffee stains, scribbles, poor quality photo etc. All of these are unacceptable. How your art is presented is just as important as how well it's drawn. When you contribute an image make sure it's presentable. :thumbsup:


:deviation: Deviations that depict the characters from Sonic the Hedgehog (comic/cartoon/game)

:deviation: The artwork must be of decent quality; finished, polished and something you're proud of. :thumbsup:

:deviation: We accept crossovers. (to a certain extent)

:deviation: We accept mature artwork.


:pointr:Half-assed work that looked like it was done in 5 minutes! Effortless work, simple sketches

:pointr:Anything that's drawn on lined paper, or poorly scanned or photographed. We put a lot of value in overall presentation.

:pointr:Work in progresses, this group features finished work.

:pointr:Accept sprites, cultures, animations and stamps

:pointr:We do not accept yaoi or yuri

Do not spam the group or cause any trouble. If your a trouble maker and you cause problems for other artists, you will be blocked FOREVER!

Now that you've took the time to see what we're about, think about joining our family. We hope you apply and enjoy your stay with us.
We are currently in need of a few moderators, probably around 2-3 or more if needed. Until then gallery submissions are closed from members AND staff. If you are interested, then you can send the group a note stating why. I'm going to list a few of the requirements of being an admin for this group:

1. You need to be active. In other words, contributing artwork for the group and sending out the occasional invite is key to being a moderator here. Just sitting there in the admin widget and doing nothing is not what we are looking for.

2. You need to be responsive to other members. If someone asks for a reason for their declined membership or submission, you must jump on it and state the reasons. Give a critique if possible.

3. As an admin, you will need to visit the "Admin Area" frequently as well. There will be times that I will post some information there from time to time, usually important material at that.

Again, these are just some of the requirements of being an admin for this group. More information and tasks will be given to the people that I "hire." A bit of bad news is the fact that our submission/voting process has somewhat plummeted. There is no real communication going on in the administration area when it comes to voting on pieces. So no, none of our admins will be let go, as all of them are doing their job, but we still need around 7-10 for the current submission process. Forget 2-3 moderators, that's not enough for a group like this. We're definitely going to need a lot more admins for this.

Obviously, some basic tactics need to be kept in mind before you consider working for us;

1. Know the difference between school-time scribbles and actual pieces of art.
2. Know all the basic principles of a piece of artwork, such as line-art, background, color scheme, anatomy, etc. ( the guidelines suggest on the front page)
3. You must be considerably active here on deviantART. It is recommended that you be a daily deviant if you are going to apply.
4. You must be social. This is one of our most important rules. If a deviant asks for a reason for their decline, whether it be a deviation or an application, then you must know how to answer them thoroughly and with detail.

More information will be revealed to you once/if you become an admin.

Please send us a note if you are interested, not a comment.
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We affiliate with any video game group. Members have to be 100 or more and you have to have control over the quality.


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