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:iconsongplz: OUR CONTEST:

1 day left until the dealine of the Winter Contest, and non entries yet?? Hurry, guys!!! It would be great to see some new art winter-themed around! Don't be afraid and draw whatever you want with our fav couple (and try to keep it all the winter-themed you could). Fanfiction is allowed, too!!
If someone want to offer a prize, send me a note with your offer. I'll offer a chibi request as my prize.

Deadline: 13th March, 2010.

:iconzukoplz: The SoZu Week:
One of our affiliates is going to create a event related to SoZu. If you like that ship, go and participate! The SozuWeek will be held on Sunday, March 20th to March, Saturday 26th. More info here:

:pray: I want to solidarize with our friends in Japan. Last night Japan suffered from a 8.9 earthquake. In the Ritcher scale this earthqueake is categoried as great. It is also, officially, the 5th greatest earthquake in history. After the the earthquake, a Tsunami alert was issued and sadly the waves broke through the east coast of Japan, killing around 300 people and making lots more missing. The magnitude of this earthquake was so great it cause an Indonesian volcano to erupt, not only that but the Tsunami alert has been issued to all the west coast of the U.S., Hawaii and South America. Guys if you live close to the west coast of these countries be safe. To all our members from Japan, we are praying for your safety and quick recovery. Guys, pray and wish for all this to be alright!

Love and peace!

Your founder, :iconsuperaura:
Inuyatta Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
The current death toll is up to 573 as I last checked...far less than I would have expected for such a devastating natural disaster of this caliber, but still heartbreaking. I can only hope that Japan can get the nuclear reactors under control quickly before anymore people get hurt.
superaura Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Same thoughts here, dear. It's incredible how weak we are, sometimes...
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March 11, 2011