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Despite my silence on DA, I still exist on this mortal plane, and I'll be tabling at two local cons this month!

Renton City Comicon this weekend (September 16+17). This is my hometown's new con, which I also tabled at last year. It's pretty small and the organizers are still kinda getting the hang of things, but the guests and events are awesome, and it's taking place in the middle of downtown Renton where there are a bunch of cool local small businesses also getting involved in the con.

Geek Girl Con at the end of the month (September 30+October 1). I'm super psyched to be a part of this con, since it's a bit tough to get into, and is also run by wonderful people.

I'll be selling prints, buttons, and handmade charms! 

Side note: To spare any confusion, I'm listed as Kyleigh Jones in the programs for both cons, but I'm going by 'Leigh (or The Snowlion) anywhere else my name is written down. (I wanted to be on the safe side in terms of legality, since my business license is under my birth name.)
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Submitted on
September 10, 2017