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Party Streaming Now by The-Snowlion

Streaming RIGHT NOW!

I also have a Discord chat setup for anyone who doesn't have a Twitch account who wants to join in the chat! (I'm still new to Discord so be patient with me.)
Party Stream Announcement by The-Snowlion
Friday the 6th, I’m going to be streaming some art and games ALL DAY over on my Twitch channel! (Twitch because it will work best for what I’d like to do)

Mic will be on. I’ll be totally open to questions and chatting, and I’d like to try to include viewers in the gaming as much as possible. (I have Jackbox Party Pack 3!) I may even have some friends join me through voice chat, depending on who is available.

I’ll post announcements and updates on Twitter and/or Tumblr (if not here too) when the stream is going as well! Feel free to pop in and out at your leisure.

Art Stream Announcement all day by The-Snowlion

Yes, you read that right. I'm going to be streaming for 12+ hours today. Starting now.

Hop on over to Picarto and come say hi while I slowly chip away at my huge art to-do list.

I will actually have a mic on for once, so everyone can hear me lose my mind in real time!

EDIT: Still streaming! I've finished a print I'll be selling at this weekend's Renton City Comic Con, and now I'll be working on AstralSounds stuff for a bit. 
My buttons have arrived! I'll be selling these at RenCon (October 28-30) and I'll try to make them available online soon as well.

The photo doesn't capture just how awesome these look in person.

Sam 1801 by The-Snowlion
I really hate to do this, but I'm taking another week off AstralSounds to look after my health. I know regular updates are super important for webcomics, but I realize recent comic pages have been lacking in quality because of my poor health, and ultimately my wellbeing needs to take priority. I'm so sorry to be putting off yet another comic page, guys. The schedule will return to normal with the next update on July 6th.
I'm going to be out of town this next week, so there will be no stream or comic update on the 24th/25th. The schedule will go back to normal the following week, with a stream on the 31st and a new comic page on the 1st.

Something suddenly came up on my schedule this Tuesday, so I’ll be streaming AstralSounds page 17 tomorrow (Monday) instead.

Stream will start at the usual time, around 2pm Pacific Time. I’m planning on streaming some non-AstralSounds art after the comic page is finished as well.

Streams will go back to Tuesdays after this week.

I'm going to be at ECCC on Fri/Sat/Sun! I won't have a table, but if any of you are going to be there, keep an eye out for the weirdo shamelessly promoting her webcomic. And feel free to come say hi! I would be seriously stoked to meet a follower in person.

Sam 1415 by The-Snowlion

So today’s stream is over, and page 13 will be posted tomorrow, but I have a quick announcement. There will be no update to AstralSounds next week (Wednesday. March 30th). There will also be no livestream. The schedule will return to normal the following week. The next livestream will be April 5th, and a page will go up on the 6th.

I hate to break my schedule like this, but I’m afraid I have to for multiple reasons. I’m working some extra shifts next week, which will get in the way of AstralSounds. On top of that, I need time to catch up on inking pages. Thanks to illness/allergies/whatever the heck, I was pretty much out of commission for nearly two weeks. I fell way behind on sketching and inking pages.

Hopefully this break will give me enough time to catch up, so I won't have to take any more weeks off too soon.

I want to get to drawing/posting more digital art (other than AstralSounds stuff), but that's been tough since my tablet decided to start pooping out on me. (The thing is ten years old. I can't blame it.) I usually have to spend a good ten minutes just making the USB connect properly, and then I struggle to get comfortable at my desk while I draw. (Thank you, health issues. I love you too.)

I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that'll change soon.

I finally decided to screw the cost and buy myself a new tablet. It'll supposedly arrive by Friday evening. Hopefully it'll mean I can actually lie on my bed and get some digital art done on those crummy, achey days.

My old tablet is still very near and dear to my heart, so I'm going to try to get it's USB cable replaced. I'm just not taking it into a shop with no alternative backups while I have a weekly webcomic to maintain.

Here's hoping you guys get to see some more digital art soon!
For future reference, the AstralSounds schedule right now is this:

Bullet; White Coloring streams on Picarto every Tuesday afternoon (starting around 2pm Pacific Time). Length of streams vary, but usually go for 2-4 hours.

Bullet; White New pages posted on the site early Wednesday.

Bullet; White Coloring timelapses posted to my Youtube every Wednesday (usually along with pages).
If you missed yesterday's stream, you can watch it here all sped up and put to pretty music!
Streaming page 2 of AstralSounds over on Picarto right now!
Tomorrow, I'll be streaming as I color Page 2 of AstralSounds. (You can watch the stream here) Pages 1 and 2 will be posted together on Wednesday the 6th.

If you missed last week's stream, you can watch a timelapse of it here!
I've posted a timelapse of the whole stream to my Youtube channel!

I'm going to try to make timelapses of every future stream as well. Links will be posted to my Tumblr(s), Twitter, and the AstralSounds website (soon to be announced).
Picarto stream is starting in just a few minutes, and I'll be going for a few hours! Pop in and say hi!
I'm going to be streaming this afternoon (Pacific Time) as I color the first page of AstralSounds! Follow my Picarto Channel  to get notifications when I go live. I'll also post an announcement here on DA.

The first two pages of AstralSounds will not be available until January 6th, so this is a little sneak peek into the very beginning of the comic!
I'm going to be doing an art livestream over on Picarto later today! I'll be coloring some AstralSounds art. Should be pretty chill. Follow me on Picarto to get notifications as soon as I go live!

Stream will  be going live shortly! Come say hi!
Wow. This was my first year ever participating in Inktober, and I actually managed to do a drawing for every single day. I'm really glad I dared to try it out this year, and I'd love to do it again next year.

But now that Inktober is over, it's time to turn all of my time and energy towards AstralSounds. I hope to give you guys some extra sneak peeks as we get closer to the comic going live in January. Keep an eye out!
I don't have a lot of money right now, but I know a few artists who need/deserve a little support. So I figured why not spread the word about these awesome people?

:iconkirstinjhill: - A buddy of mine from my last job, who is in desperate need of a new car. She's selling some really unique and awesome artist trading cards here.

:iconabigailmunoz: - A friend from art school who never fails to blow my mind with her work. She's selling these adorable parakeet prints and other products here.

:iconcassiethomas: - An artist I follow here on DA, and also a friend of a friend. She writes/draws an awesome comic and needs to raise money for school. You can buy stuff from her here.

:iconthemsjolly: - Another comic artist I follow here on DA. Her comic is oozing with charm and style, but it could use more support. Her Patreon is here.

Even if you're like me and can't really afford to support all the wonderful artists out there, at least check out these guys' galleries and give them a little love.