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I need some time to kill after work in the coming weeks, and for when I'm not feeling very creative I may as well have something to do.

So, if you want a MLP-style cutie mark of your OC or of a pony from the show you can't find elsewhere, you can request in the comments of this journal. Not in a PM or on comments on other images or galleries or whatever. If I do it I'll link to it in a reply. Some days I won't do any, some days I might do a dozen, and some I may never take on; free is free.

EDIT 10 June - Yes, am still doing these. Whether I open Inkscape or not depends on my mood, and lately it's not been that awesome.
A good friend of mine has finally decided to do commissions!
Head on over to :iconlaunchycat: journal if you're interested in pieces like these:

I don't do them, but I have two friends that do and deserve your attention!  I work with these two guys a lot and I can tell you they're good, fast and very professional; if you need some art done, you can't go wrong with them!

First off, James Cork :iconjamescorck: is doing colored sketch commissions like this one below:

And my favorite / personal sketcher Colgate :iconcolgatefim: can be commissioned for full pieces like this,

or for sketches like this:

So yeah, want some art done for you?  Contact them!

Also Trixie is Best Pony
tl;dr: Requests are closed again.

So, in a bout of irony befitting an ancient greek tragedy (kids version), just as I got some more free time to play with, I had it all taken away, and then some.  So yeah, as of 13 March requests are once again closed.

I'll update the list in the previous journal to reflect reality a bit more accurately at some point.  Anything requested before this cutoff will still get done.  Full pony requests will likely get done sometime before the end of the year.  Maybe.
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I'm going to "officially" start doing requests again.  As I've been asked for a few things these past few weeks already, if I haven't already gotten back to you about it send me a note and I'll add you to my queue.

There's a list down at  the bottom of this with what I have queued up.  Please keep it in mind when requesting something; I'm not the only one vector guy on dA that does requests, nor the best.

Now, a clarification on what I do.  I mostly do cutie marks and simple props.  If you're going to request this, please give me something to work on; I do vectors, it's a technical skill, not all that artistic, so I need a sketch (doesn't need to be anything fancy) or a good description.

I've also done some full pony requests.  These take "a bit" more time and effort to get right, especially since I don't want to do simple recolours.  Meaning I'll only take on one of these per week, if that.  Slight addition: these take longer than they should as I like to get them sorted from start to finish in one sitting; I rarely have a free time slot large enough to accommodate that, even on weekends.

And, just to be clear, these are requests, ie. free.  I do them in my free time, which, without going into boring details, is hilariously limited and often filled with lingering stress from work, and shared with several other things with higher priority.  What I'm getting at is that some days, or entire weeks, I may not even load up dA, much less work on anything art related.  If time's an issue, there are other vector guys out there, some free, some not.  Or you could bait me into working faster with money, but I honestly don't think I'm at a "worth paying for" quality level.

So, summary:
- Official G4 cutie marks (show or toy) are highest priority if requested
- I will do OC / pre-G4 cutie marks and random objects if I'm given some sort of base
- I will do full ponies every so often, only one at a time
- Stuff may get done in under an hour after being requested, or a month later
- Trixie is best pony

The list as it stands (19 Feb):
I have quite a backlog on requests that I need to go through before I can accept any more.  And that may be a while from now, as I'm working overtime and weekends and am pretty stressed out in what little free time I have; Photo Finish up there is a /very/ accurate representation of my current state.

As well, I have a good many personal projects that I really really do want to finish, so I may hold up on taking on more requests until I finish at least a few of those.

I'll update as soon as I'm able to go back to taking requests.
I'm currently recreating simple objects (mostly cutie marks for now) to get myself used to Inkscape before trying any larger projects (if you saw the raw SVGs of my earlier images you would weep...).  Anyones free to use these for their own stuff; if someone with a good idea in their head can save themselves a few minutes by using an already made asset, it's a win for everyone!

For now I'm keeping an SVG file with all marks I recreate at and , plus largish PNGs in my Reusables art folder

If you have any suggestions for stuff, just let me know!