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Vinyl Scratch

Quick trace of Vinyl Scratch for another Derpibooru spoiler.

SVG at [link]

As per the CC license I submitted this under, yes, use and modify as you see fit, as long as you don't take exclusive credit and you do submit under the same CC license.
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The color you have for her coat here is #FBFDEE. Did you know that it's actually (officially, by word of one of the show's layout artists) #FEFDE7 (a yellowish-white)? It's true!
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I knew it was a bit yellow, but the reference shot I was using was from Suited for Success, where she's in the dark. Didn't want to overdue it so I eyeballed it a little ¬_¬
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So, you can either make it a vector of exactly what you see on the screen, in the context of the lighting, or you can make it a general vector devoid of context where her color is that as it appears in natural light, her true color. Your choice.

(I'm just summing it up for you.)
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Or I can not care about all that since all I needed this for was to make a 250x250 spoiler image [link]
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Ah. I see. Well, then I guess accuracy isn't all that important in this case.