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Sparkler's cutie mark

Diamonds cutie mark seen on various background ponies for anyone to reuse.

SVG with this and all other marks I recreate can be found at [link] or in browser friendly [link]

If you have any suggestions for changes, other characters or objects, just let me know!

Edit: dA keeps herping the alpha layer on previews...
MLP: FiM is © Hasbro
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Used for another OC:
David and Hannah (OC) Reference Sheet by Jaredking179
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Used again for another OC.
Annie Guzman by jerryakira79
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I Have a Rarity toy crystal pony and she have this cutie mark
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may i use it? (for all the cutie marks you've made, i'd give credit
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may I use this cutie mark  ? , but I only will use one diamond not all of them . 
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thank you so much ! <3
Ello! I used this here: [link]


Thanks by the way. Sorry that I kinda mangled in my picture though. I let them know it was my fault, not yours.
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As seen on the tip of [link] !

Lol JK, but this would have been a mighty salubrious reference aide.
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her name is Amethyst Star
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either is commonly used
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