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Shining Armor at his best


Edit: God damnit, dA, stop it with the black background crap.
Edit2: Updated now that the 1080p is out

SVG at [link]
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When I first saw the Canterlot Wedding episode, all  could comment on was how high poor Armor looked XD (*whispers* also that the Changeling Queen was buttraping him)
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Chrysalys ( or whatever) Oh Shining Armor, kill you very soon!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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He looks like me after watching public access television.
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Sounds like quality programming...
yoyododo1990's avatar
That's why I never watch it. Spongebob is MUCH healthier & more intelligent, ya know?
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I used and credited your vector in my concept of an evil Shining Armor! Hope you don't mind! ;) [link]
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What would have made his expression even funnier is if he was drooling in that trance. :XD:
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higher than cloudsdale.
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higher than cloudsdale.
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I bet Shining Armor when hypnotized looks like a zombie or mindless version of him.
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Also proof that not all of the guard is useless just mostly useless
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You got a little something on yo- you know what nvm
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Fuck Shining Armour is so high.
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all glory to the hypno toad . . .
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Looks like he's been celebrating 4/20
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This guy had a kick-ass voice.
Carcer-1337's avatar
Every time he said anything I immediately assumed he was about to bust out some surfer lingo and ride some gnarly waves

Especially every time he said "Twily"
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Yess, his voice was faptastic :D
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