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Best main cast pony.

Anyone interested in the actual SVG can find them over at [link] or [link]

Edit: Fixed a minor derp. Minor tweaks.

MLP: FiM is © Hasbro
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neither of the links will get me to the svg.. My daughter wants this on a shirt for her birthday this week! please help!
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is  it a vector can i paint it clearly
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I'm not sure what you mean... but if you want to reuse it, sure, just keep the license in mind.
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I'm using this in a current project of mine. Credit will be given of course.
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Do you mind if I use this picture? I couldn't find any other picture but this one seems the best.


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Shank you! I-I mean... Thank you!
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LOL is it ok if i draw herr? she is my favorite!!! :D 
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Looks great! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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Such a lovely pose. I used her here: [link]
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I would just like to let you know that I use wallpapers made by =aman692 in my web project, from which one of is currently using your vector. I'm not sure if he asked you to get permission, but take this as my way to do so. I have a F.A.Q. on my site, where I'm going to include all of the used vectors with creator names and link-backs to the original images. Since you are effected, I just want to know if that's okay. I can always replace images, and can instantly take down any, too. So if you're not okay with this, feel free to tell. I have to go on a journey to find all vectors, so I'm done. Hoping for your reply :)
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'Tis fine =p
I only take issue with these things when someone starts charging money for them or blatantly takes credit for making them. Otherwise, nearly everything I do is for others to reuse =]
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Thanks! You can visit the credits section using this link.
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Um, I think Catgirl177 recolored your work and just added Opal. [link]
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Used here.
Thanks, in advance.
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Can I use this pose for a pony I'm drawing? I'll be sure to credit you if I'm allowed.
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