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Firecracker Burst - G4 toy

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Firecracker Burst!

Bought a few blind bag figurines the other day, this one stood out. One-line description says "loves surprises!" and her cutie mark is a flame. Oh yes, this one is different.

The figurine is a a basic recolour of Twilight, so decided to give her a different look.

Comments/suggestions welcome!

Edit: Added magic aura thing around the horn. Also fixed a derp.

MLP: FiM is © Hasbro
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Mawais-Art-CornerStudent Digital Artist…

Somone shittily stole your oc off of google images
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jerryakiraclassics19Hobbyist Digital Artist
Has it been removed or no
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Mawais-Art-CornerStudent Digital Artist
Seems so! thankfully
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
I have her and she is my favorite one I have besides Photo Finish
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Azura (The blue one): Yeah, I think I should go now...
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i made my oc before the blind bags came out and this is the exact desine and
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It is a rather nice design =]
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why thank you
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Smashfan666Hobbyist Digital Artist

i can certainly relate >:]
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LotsOfPoniesStudent General Artist
I have her.
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tigerpixie16Hobbyist General Artist
This is the best thing ever.
I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one that thought of this when I read her description. XD
And I like how you change her hair too!
:giggle: The little pryo...
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CMWatersHobbyist General Artist
"Some ponies just like to watch the world burn..."
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TheDARKWOLFProfessional Traditional Artist
Very cool!
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FeatherStarProHobbyist Photographer
Yes :D I got her in those things. I like how you changed the hair :love: And also I sorta renamed her Pyro :) heeheheee
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The perfect taunt for this particular pony in particular: "I'M A FLAMETHROWER!"
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fryslan0109Hobbyist General Artist
Cliche I know... but...

"Some ponies just want to watch the world burn."
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VistamageHobbyist Digital Artist
When I recently got this figurine I had the same idea.
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MoongazePoniesHobbyist Digital Artist
haha! I like her a lot :)
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grotsrusHobbyist Traditional Artist
pryomaniac pony my kind of pony :)
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I got her in a blind bag and thought "what the hay"... and now she's 20% cooler :D Well drawn, nice idea
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deadliestwarrior2Hobbyist General Artist
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