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Fire cutie mark

Requested by :iconzyaon:
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may i plz use this for one of my next gens plz??
used in but changed the colour
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can I have a CM request?
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may i use the design of this flame and i well give u credit for me using it 
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Are you ok with me using this?
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i been finding a perfect fire cm... finally... btw can i use this? i mean i only do the line and edit it.... ( not copying the cm) 
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yay thx , im going to post it =3
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I hope you don't mind, but I've been using this for over a year to make my OC pony
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used here. what do you think? ([link])
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you make really good cutie marks, could you design one for my OC? i would pay in points if you could
can i use this for an album art im trying to make? it loooks really nice... :D
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I know many have asked but can I use it XD
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(but really, yes =p )
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May i use this?
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i hope you dont mind but im using this ^^
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I know you're letting pretty much everyone use this, but I'm asking anyways just in case. Can I use this for a friend's OC's cutie mark?
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