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Fancy Pants' cutie mark

Cutie mark for Fancy Pants for anyone to reuse.

SVG with this and all other marks I recreate can be found at [link] or in browser friendly [link]

If you have any suggestions for changes, other characters or objects, just let me know!

Edit: Fixed something ¬_¬

MLP: FiM is © Hasbro
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I've just noticed that diamond tiara and dancy pants have both crowns cutie marks :O_o:
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Huh. Fancy Pant's cutie mark crowns are nearly the same shape as the actual tiara Cadence wears. The jewels are the same, if you place a round purple jewel on the top, and curled the sides...
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My niece has been making a bunch of characters for our favourite show Merlin and used this as the mark for Morgana. Do you mind if I upload the pictures on my account? She is really proud of them.
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Of course not! Go ahead =]
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Didn't really pay attention to this in the episode but now that I see it, is he Swedish?
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I was thinking the same.
Perfect! Again, a million thanks,and thank you for letting me use it. You have my gratitude!
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Hmm. I just took a closer look at how this cutie mark looks in the show and it appears that the fill colour of the crowns should be a bit brighter.

Of course, it's perfect outside of that. :)
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It did seem a bit dull; changed the colours a bit, should look a bit livelier now.
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