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Commission | Small Animatronic (Puppet like)
- No Recolors
- Request me by Notes
- If It is very detailed and with complete endo +50

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It might Take a While. Keep your Patience please. 



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Commission | Funtime Animatronic (Full Body)
- No Recolors
- Request me by Notes
- I only do funtimes

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It might Take a While. Keep your Patience please.



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Commission | Speedpaint
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- Request me by Notes
- If It is very detailed +20

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It might Take a While. Keep your Patience please.



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Hey There! My name is Smiley-Facade. Enjoy my Profile!

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heres some cool stamps!

Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-Rose XD Stamp by MimiMarieT

Stamp: Self Confidence by Southrobin Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX

Stamp by Kataang-furuba NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz

Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 freak Stamp by zilla774

DeviantArt World Badge by WitheredChica125

Page Doll | Alice Angel | Chapter 3 by LuckyRabbit31 Page Doll | Bendy | Batim by LuckyRabbit31 [Pagedoll] Werewolf Boris | Fan-Made by LuckyRabbit31


Here's my Official websites! Come and visit :D
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Hello everyone, We came back after our vacation at our province and let me tell you that on our way back is the most craziest and I don't know what to feel about it.

First, We left our grandmother's house at a very early time to get to our house after 2 days, We spent the whole day on the car. At 12:30 we were just about to leave a city when an old guy just showed up in the middle of the road on his motorcycle, We didn't expect the guy to continue going to the other side of the road, My father was honking because we were about to hit him and we accidentally ran him over, and For god's sake I was shocked that this happened. The moment the poor guy was hit by our car is still stuck in my head. My father got out of our car, and lots of people come in from the scene, some of them are crying, some are confused, and some are just because they know the guy, my Mother came out of the car as well, telling us to not get out of the car.
Me and my brothers were confused on what really happened because it all happened really quickly. My Mother took my cellphone to take some pictures outside, alot of people had been talking and talking and they keep pointing our car. Finally the ambulance came and they took the guy and we were invited for  investigation at the police station. My mother and father told us to stay at the car while they were sorting things up. We still don't know what happened, while we were waiting at the car, I was feeling sleepy at the time so I tried to sleep, I got woken up by a very violent shaking, I thought that it was my brothers fooling around, but that's when I realized that alot of people had been panicking because it's a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit us. We got out of the car and ran outside, the earthquake only lasted for a small amount of time and I'm relieved that no one got hurt. I'm glad that there was no aftershock while we were on the road.

Thank you for reading all this, Also I thought of a Steven Universe comic that I will do week by week, I will reveal it soon ;)

Watch the video now!

As you will probably notice, there's only one video on my channel rn, that's because I removed and hidden some of them, I will start again on my channel, Now that my old cringy videos are gone, I will now post original content which means more about my ocs and my universe "Spectrum of the celestials". 

And yeah, I will be going away for 10 days because we will go to our grandmothers house which have no wifi and internet, so I will not be able to watch youtube or even use deviantart, so please wait for me
Commission | Funtime Decenter
Commission for :icondecenterdoesstuff:

I'm so sorry this took almost 1 month, Hope it's worth the wait.

I was busy with school so I only had a small amount of time for me to make this, but now that our recognition will be next week I finally have time to make what I wanted to do before.

Do not steal or use, only the creator of the character can use this.
[ SoTC #4 ] The Guardian

Lime Matria the Celestial of the Nexus Point

      After the universe was created,  Other Dimensions, Universes and various other realities existed as well, But for those to completely exist there must be something that keeps the Multiverse from going out of sync and to bind those other multiverses for them to be connected, In the center of the Parallel Universes is the Nexus Point. The Nexus point is powered by a Glowing green gem called the Limestone, Without the Limestone that whole Nexus along with the Multiverses would fall apart. For the Limestone to remain untouched, a Green Celestial was created through the light, Then the Celestial Chartreuse existed. She was to guard the Limestone so that every Multiverses will be balanced, Chartreuse spent eons protecting the Limestone. The darkness tried to capture the limestone so that they could get hold of all the Multiverses, But they failed on doing so.

    After an eternity on trying to get the Limestone, the darkness suddenly attacked the Nexus point, Chartreuse was caught off guard. Suddenly three dark figures came out of the darkness it was the Leader of the Shades, Vantablack, along with 2 other figures that are also part of the Shades. Chartreuse was overpowered, The Darkness was too strong for her take on alone, he entire nexus point was covered with darkness, which made Chartreuse weaker and weaker because the Neons depended on light for their source, without it they would be weak. Seeing Chartreuse on her knees being weakened by the darkness, the darkness formed into a huge dark figure, the darkness tried to consumed the Limestone, Chartreuse with a little bit of strength protected the limestone by letting the darkness consume her on the last minute of when the darkness is gonna touch the limestone. Chartreuse let out a loud shriek while the Darkness is taking over her, Her green hair turned into black, and her eyes was nothing but black, some of her features turned black as well, She became destructive because she was being controlled by the darkness.

She fled from the Nexus point to destroy the other realms, She went to the Galaxy realm, where Aureolin is located. Aureolin saw Chartreuse destroy multiple galaxies at once so she decided to meet her, She came to Chartreuse only to see that the Chartreuse she knew was gone, She knew what was happening when she looked into her eyes, She tried all the ways that could get the Darkness to come out of her and help her. At the end she had no choice, She got rid of her by destroying the body the Darkness was settling in. Now that Chartreuse was gone, the Limestone lost it’s power was well, Chartreuse and The limestone went into another dimension where earth is located. 


A part 2 of Lime's Backstory will be added in the future!

thanks to :icone-specter: for helping me make the name "Spectrum of the Celestials" for my own universe fan fiction

I really love lime and I decided to make her first out of all the neons, Next will be Magenta.

Made in Photoshop, Drawn with Wacom Intuos Pro.

Do not use, steal, and claim as your own.


Hello, Welcome to my Profile!

Hello! I'm Smiley-Facade, also known as The-Smileyy or LuckyRabbit31. I do Fnaf Renders, Fnaf Models, and many Others! I hope you like some of my Artworks; Here's some of them!


So guys we did it, We reached a quarter of a million subscribers. 250,000 and still growing. The fact that we've reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I'm-I'm just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this channel.
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kaboom you never seen that comming did ya?
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oh hello there
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shoutout to simpleflips
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shout outs to simpleflips
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My core is dying 

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