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- Finish Funtime Foxy (/)
- Port Circus Baby by Fazersion ()
- Do Commission 1 ()
- Do Commission 2 ()
- Personal things (i don't know when it will all be over)

It's still being worked on but please follow me
I've been feeling sick for a couple of days, But Everytime I tell them I feel like they don't really care at all.
I've been caughing up blood for quite some time. Now,  I've been in the feeling when I ask them for something
it will only be annoyance. It seems like i'm just something that was made just to be not cared at all.
all the people in real life just don't care at all about me unless i annoy them by talking to them.
I've been looking at memes, and it makes me smile sometimes but it doesn't relieve the pain inside me

I'm sorry, I haven't even talk about this since I got no one to talk about my depression.
Even my family, even direct contact about love and affection about me is really weird. I feel like This is the only thing
that can make me feel better. but it still can't remove this aching thing inside my heart and my mind.

I'm sorry everyone. i'm just this person that is just a waste of your time, i'm sorry for making this account.
i'm sorry for wanting to make something that i thought would improve my life. 

I'm making a character then i started randomly crying tears even though i don't intend to cry, i guess it's the way
my heart of saying to take it all out, and then I decided to make this
Smiley-Facade | Full Body (Reference) by The-Smileyy
please check this out, I really want people to notice this,i worked so hard on this and i don't want people to just pass by it
and treating it like my any other deviations. :'<

plus also check this amazing character by :icone-tiger: 
E-Tiger Reference Sheet 2018 (OCs) by E-Tiger
welp, I lied lol. 

Ftchica1 by The-Smileyy

Ftchica2 by The-Smileyy

Ftchica3 by The-Smileyy

Ftchica4 by The-Smileyy

more ref in UCN. I'm very much excited
I can't breath, i've been running up and down my stairs when I read Scott's comment on my reddit post
Yes Scott Yes by The-Smileyy
Yeah, you read the title (Until I finished this Animation Project that I'm working on)
I won't go anywhere, we're not gonna go to somewhere else.
But seeing how I get this much attention on DeviantArt and not enough on youtube
It's that moment where I needed to make my youtube channel to be alive (I don't post much often)
I'm trying of giving animation a shot. Since my Source FilmMaker is fast or somthing like that again (it was very much slow before)
I'll still be adding status updates and other stuff that I usually do (except for making renders and models)

(read this, please don't think I'm dead.)
DVxvHPaVMAA1jVQ by The-Smileyy
Look at this picture.
Just look at it! Notice something? and now look at this picture of a little girl.
3977f7f4af038614084a3885a9ecfde2 by The-Smileyy
then look at this picture of the little girl making a cake
Big 1474161532 Image by The-Smileyy

Notice the resemblance? Well, You should've noticed.
Remember when mattypattyburgerpatty said that the characters from not-so-oki-doki literature club
came from other games? well, my theory is that Natsuki came from this show "LazyTown"
Don't believe me? Then look at these pictures:
LazyTown stephanie by The-Smileyy  K2l6p8q5c5pz by The-Smileyy

there's no way you can't tell that these character don't resemble each other.
the real reason that the original stephanie was replaced by the new one, because she got turned into this
smol tsundere girl that we see in doki doki literature club.

heyyy, that's just a theory. a Game theory
thanks for reading
200+ faves! (And watchers) by E-Tiger
just look at it aaaa so adorable
We've reached it you guys!
We've completed a milestone that e-tiger wants!
I'd like to take all of you who take time to visit her profile and faved the devation;
Also, Be sure to fav the deviation above!
How by The-Smileyy
I used cut and while in sudivision surface and this always happen! I've been searching how it will be fixed but there's nothing!
Please help me fix this
DAGames In: Fandom Frenzy! Brothers-In-Arms WP by E-Tiger

The goal is to gain 100 favorites now! This Beautiful piece of art doesn't need 80 faves. It needs more!
This art really capture the essense of the Music Video. I really love this poster! It's pretty self explanatory
that It needs 100 faves. Any favs is appreciated, Please fave it to make E-tiger to be happy =p

Have a great day!
Shout out to this amazing person! E-Tiger 
She makes a lot of very cool and fantastic artworks about games like Fnaf, Bendy, And other stuff like that!
She makes very very unique oc's called "Cybermals" They are very detailed and that what makes
them soo unique! I think she deserves More watchers than what she have now.
Some artworks from her:
The First Encounter - BatIM 1st anniversary art by E-Tiger
Friendship lasts forever - Cybermatronics by E-Tiger
Creator and her creations' death (OCs) by E-Tiger
Trick-or-Treat! (Contest entry) by E-Tiger
but i can't enjoy it since we got a very very badly behaved kid that we have to watch in our house since their parents is on work.
he's really a pain in the ass. I'm fucking done with it. he doesn't listen to anyone. he doesn't finish his food.
he always order me around like i'm his babysitter. he always messing us up when he doesn't have anything to do or when his
tablet is charging. we NEVER have peace and quiet in our house when he's here. like omfg.

Thank you guys soo much for 600 watchers!
600 by The-Smileyy
I've been through alot. And It's really nice for me to know that now, I have 600 watchers!
I can't believe it!
Thank you guys so much for all your support!

People that you should watch that supported me:

vv Anyways here's my Disgusting face vv

Face Reveal by The-Smileyy
today is the start of vacation.
it means i can now do whatever i want.
ya y

My friend :iconwelegi: is back on deviantart! Smug Sans Emote  
But he will be just on mobile. I don't know why
He will post only traditional art but with no color 

Go to his profile and watch him!
He make amazing stuff! :bademoticon: 
so, I wanted to model a security puppet when it's out of it's box and a little stylized.
this is the progress so far.
Stylized Security Puppet by The-Smileyy
Very Bad English

Is it bad that I think it's pathetic when people just say that the Puppets take the first syllable of their names then just repeat it.
And when other people say their names In their own nickname of the Puppet. People would say that it's supposed to be The first syllable being repeated. (Like when a certain person called Fred. Then some guy commented that it's supposed to be FredFred because it's supposed to be repeated) When It's supposed to be like that. Then I would find the name "FoxFox" very stupid.
Plus It's not supposed to be cannon. 

ok look. What I'm trying to say is:
People can make their own names for the puppet animatronics unless It's been proven. 
and i think some nicknames people are calling them are really stupid. sorry