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Crispus of Ice


Character Basics

[Name] Crispus
[Gender] Male

[Voice] Not deep, but rather Rough


[Initial Age] Exactly 1 moon old.
[Current Age] About 2 years, 5 moons old
[Season of Birth] Summer, July 49 B.C.

[Empire & Rank] Ice; Gladiator
[Began Training] at 11 moons old.  Promotion was suspended after he was escorted back home by a Fire Empire Gladiator.
[Graduated At] 2 years, 5 moons old.
[Breed] Siberian Tiger (tabby variant)

[Family] Calidius (father), Ceres (mother), Kota (brother), Ruka (sister)

Character Stats

PRIMARY: Strength

SECONDARY: Athletics

ADEQUATE: Intelligence
WEAK: Stealth
TOTAL E.P.:  190
(Spent EP: 39 out of 190)


[Dominant] Green eyes; White paws; White tail-tip

[Recessive] Extreme Tabby Mutation*; White facial stripes; Diamond-natured pelt-stripes

[Carrier] Blue eyes; Black stripes; Red fur

[Tear-Ducts] Dormant. Crispus is unable to cry tears when he is upset.

[Parentage] Tabby Tiger father x Tabby Tiger mother

*As you can see, the stripes on Crispus's pelt look very sparse. In reality, all his stripes are there (as seen on his belly); unfortunately the tabby mutation from both his parents ended up being so strong that most of them are simply too faint to be seen.  The stripes on Crispus's shoulders and hind legs are a result of scarring from a bear incident.

Personality: Traits And Character Growth

Pre Scandal-- Cubhood

[Rowdy] "Oh, you wanna go?" This part of Crispus' nature "shines" in both his actions and his words. He is a playful rough-and-tumble sort of character who enjoys a good tousle in the grass, or a lengthy spar with a worthy opponent. At the same time, he has a loud, taunting, and somewhat obnoxious voice that he's not quite aware of.

[Cocky] "Phahaha, I could take you on any day, Kota!" Of course he's better than you at this! ... Or at least, he's sure going to act like it.

[Unsure] "Whaddaya mean by that? Of course my mom and dad love each other! ...Right...?" Though he rarely shows it, when it comes down to it Crispus can be very uncertain about even the most secure aspects of his life. It's... difficult to explain. It doesn't really influence how much he will trust a cat's word on something (though he's slow to trust others in general), but there is a tiny, shameful part of him that is hopelessly gullible to the littlest seed of doubt.

[Easily Hurt] "I really... can't believe you just said that." When it comes to loose acquaintances, it's easy to get angry at the insults they may spit at him. But family? Close friends? Criticizing words from them hurt, and for Crispus, the wounds run deep. It may take as little as a few hours to as long as a couple of days for him to get over what was said, sulking in solitary for quite some time before he can resume contact with the feline in question.

[Quirk: Unusual Idol] For some reason or another, Crispus has always gravitated toward the character of the Fire Guardian, Ignis. Yes, he knows that his Empire already has a deity. And yes, he knows Ignis is more... Fire Empire's guy. But... but Ignis is just so cool!.


Post Scandal/Pre Bear Attack-- Cubhood/Apprentice

[Rebellious] "Says you! It's my life!" Aside from his mother (and even then 'exceptions' might be made), Crispus has a hard time taking orders from anyone. He is not on good terms with his leader, Nedria, for rather personal reasons; and when it comes to his father, he's even worse. When other gladiators tell him what to do or correct him on his behavior, Crispus often misinterprets their scolding as an implication that they think themselves better than him, and will respond rather harshly.

[Sullen] "I don't want anything to do with you.  Get lost."  Crispus isn't as playful as he used to be and has grown quite prickly and aloof, avoiding even his own siblings at times (most especially the half-ones).  He likes training with Eli and enjoys walking around in the territory on his own, but these days those activities seem to be the only thing that interests him.  Now and again, he'll spend a brief part of his day with one or two of the cats in his very small trust circle.  That's as far as his sociability goes.

[Tauntable] "... Say that again." Crispus' patience wears thin, and it wears fast. One hostile shove or resentful jab may seem harmless to some, but when it comes to Crispus, a mild altercation could very quickly turn into a fight.

[Grudgingly Loyal] "Urrrgh, just-- fine!  Fine, Anura, I'm coming, just wait up!" Crispus is the kind of friend who, once you've won him over, will be there for you to the end, whether he likes it or not.  He cares about the cats in his life more than he'll probably admit, and will do anything for his companions even if such a thing entails him getting screwed over with them in the end.

[Quirk: Differing Faith] For some reason or another, Crispus has always admired the character of the Fire Guardian, Ignis. He cares little for the fact that his empire already has a guardian to follow, or for the fact that he shares the faith of a rival empire.  Ignis had quickly become a childhood hero to the young cub, and as he grew older, he continued to see Ignis' fearless, war-like spirit as a far more inspiring example to live by than Glacio's pacifism. After all, it's teeth and claws that protect the ones you love in the end-- not friendly words from snow-covered pelts.  It doesn't really help that Crispus just so happens to hold a grudge against the few snow leopards involved in his life.  Racism?  Er... not quite.  More like extreme dislike for one certain individual.

[Quirk: Selective Enthusiasm] While Crispus does remain rather withdrawn and standoffish with the rest of the Empire, only two felines seem to still be able to get through to him... and that's Eli and Anura.  Both of them mean a lot to the young tiger, and both have managed to convince him that he doesn't have to put up walls-- at least with them.  Despite his not-so-great attitude, you can still find Crispus playing games or talking quietly with Anura... or helping Eli pull pranks on his mother.

[Flaws] Crispus has a very bitter side to his personality. Hurt his trust in you, and it could take moons for him to forgive the wrong. He can be resentful, difficult, and grudge-holding; all obstacles when it comes to getting along with others and accepting them for their faults.


Post Bear Attack-- Apprentice/Gladiator

Blue Square Bullet [Loyal] "Don't worry; I've got your back." Crispus is the kind of friend who, once you've won him over, will be there for you to the end.  Be it taking the blame for a mistake you made or going up against the Bounty Hunter who just threatened to kill you, Crispus will do it, whether you like it or not.  He is a fighter at heart, and if you're important to him, he's not afraid to show it.  At the same time, however, he does remember what it is to be that other kind of friend, too.  When you're down, he'll be there to lend you company, even if he doesn't quite know what to say or how to alleviate your unhappiness.  He'll wait the storm out with you.  It's the best he can do.

Blue Square Bullet [Dry] "Well this is just f*cking splendid."  Crispus is rather dry and blunt with his humor.  It's how he copes with just about every unfavorable situation.  Granted, he has cracked a genuine joke here and there, but for the most part he tends to stick with the whole 'sarcastic-commentary-on-his-own-bad-luck' thing.

Blue Square Bullet [Brazenly Courageous] "Plato, dammit, run!" Crispus has never been one to stand by while others take blows for him; truth be told, he's not one to stand by while others take blows, period.  The tiger's first instinct has always been to tackle the threat head-on.  Be it true selflessness or complete and utter idiocy or maybe even something in between, he sees any threat against his friends and family as his battle and no one else's, something of which likely frustrates and exasperates those close to him (especially Anura.)

Blue Square Bullet [Remorseful] "... There are a lot of things I've said and done that I'd like to take back.  But there's not much I can do about it, now." Crispus may be blunt and tactless at times, but as soon as he realizes that he hurt someone with his words or actions, he instantly regrets it and does what he can to make amends.  Honestly, the tiger still kind of feels like crap about the way he'd treated his friends and empire-mates back when... he was dealing with Calidius.  He wishes he could redo a lot of what he'd did back then-- especially when it comes to the way he'd treated Anura and Plato-- but understands that there's no point in wallowing in the past, so he'll simply do what he can to make up for it now.  

Blue Square Bullet [Easily Pushed] "...Say that to my face, you little sh*t." Crispus can tell when a feline doesn't like him, which is just dandy, really.  He'll give you your space as long as you give him his.  But drop a snide comment his way, or openly make a jab in his direction, and the tiger will be more than happy to get up in your face and challenge you to back those words up with action.  He's a little too easily taunted, and usually needs a friend to help keep himself under control.

Blue Square Bullet [Quirk: Different Faith] For some reason or another, Crispus has always admired the character of the Fire Guardian, Ignis. He is aware that his empire already has a guardian to follow, but not at all ashamed that he shares the faith of a rival empire.  Ignis had quickly become a childhood hero to the young cub in his days in the nursery, and as he grew older, he continued to see Ignis' fearless, war-like spirit as a far more inspiring example to live by than Glacio's pacifism.  However, he respects (and to an extent, even admires) what Glacio stands for and the example he sets for other felines, understanding that strength alone isn't always enough to win in a fight.  Ignis and Glacio relied on each others' own strengths as a team, and there are times when the tiger can't help thinking with some fond amusement of his own relationship with Plato (who's always honestly been more level headed than he is.)

Quick Backstory

Crispus, unlike most of his Empire-mates, has never known a life without freedom.  He was born into Ice Empire; sired by the seasoned gladiator Calidius, and birthed by Ceres, the empire's Silver Gladiator. He is from the same litter as Kota and Ruka, his brother and sister, respectively.

Starting out, Crispus was a naive cub with a rather immature understanding of the world.  Reckless in nature and a diehard enthusiast for the thrill of battle and adventure, he had a knack for getting into more troublesome situations than he could count.  He enjoyed rough-housing with his brother and friends, and was especially skilled at sneaking his way out from his mother's nose to explore the rocky earth just outside camp grounds; more-often-than-not accompanied by his partner in crime, Kota, or sometimes his best friend, Anura.  They never went far, of course.  Neither of them dared admit to the other how unwilling they were to face their mothers' wrath, so other than the nearest clearing or the neighboring mud puddle, any further was strictly out of the question, by unspoken rule.

One might have thought that perhaps Crispus was a problem child who couldn't take any orders from his parents whatsoever, but in reality, they couldn't have been more wrong.  As difficult as the fiery little cub was, he never ventured far from home (except for the one time he did, but this was much later on), and there was more to him than his rebellious tendencies.  He was just as great of a playmate when it came to Kota and Ruka, as well as other cubs he'd learned to call a friend.  In those moments when he remembered to be a good little boy (yes, those moments did exist) he could be seen cuddling between his mother's paws and chin and promising to not jump into any mud for the day.  He cared about his family more than he let on, and despite the many adventurous fantasies he'd entertained in the back of his mind, he never once considered running away.  He liked his friends.  He adored his siblings.  He idolized the parents he had been blessed with.  He did love his place as an Empire feline, and dreamed of following in the legendary paw-steps of Ceres and Calidius both.  He was happy here, and he never wanted this life to change in the slightest.

However, change is a part of life.  And no feline, not even ones as naive as a child like him, could ever avoid it.

Crispus' real story began when when everything slowly fell apart.  When he disowned a leader, lost a father, and gained two brothers all in the same day.

You can view his ever-growing story in whole, here:…

At the time Crispus was created, I was already well-aware of the plans for the love triangle between Calidius/Ceres/Nedria, as well as Calidius and Nedria's resulting cubs, Plato and Orpheus; so much of my character's personality and character build was written out under the impression that all these events had just recently happened.  Despite the fact that you will find some art (as well as a few roleplays) detailing a time before this messy family scandal occurred, that innocent era of Crispus' life is more like a prequel to his real tale, and will be treated as such by me and (hopefully) you as well.

Extra Information

:bulletblue: $%^# bears.  He hates bears.


:heart:Click Here To See Crispus' Relationships



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OLR was telling me about crispy when she was helping me with my character app, I think crisp and Gorosh need to meet at some point, I think a friendship/ friendly rivalry could grow there lol (BTW Gorosh is a fire cat but his ties to the empires are hard to explain)