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Golden Aquila
Before the Star Kingdom of Persica, the Republic of Cambria consisted of ten worlds at the core of the current-day Persican Cluster. Those worlds are represented in the ten stars around the aquila. The crimson symbolizes the Republic's original colonists' sacrifices which cemented the Cambrian Republic's future; the green embodies the capital world of Nova Cambria.

The Cambrian Republic belongs to Cymrea.
Uncharted Suns © David McFarland
Totally forgot I had some flags to post. So, here you go.
The Star Immaculate
The Star Immaculate represents the Holy Dominion of the Empyrean See, and the star represented is that of the Spoken Light. Colored both gold and purple, the half-design star represents both pieces of the Empyrean See's government under the Candelario and the state religion, the Church of the Star.

Uncharted Suns © David McFarland
Royal Raven (Commission...sort of)
The banner of the Star Kingdom of Persica, the Royal Raven, boasts a proud history. Above the raven, the three starts represent the three capitals of the Persican spheres. As Persican power expands into larger territories and new spheres of influence arise, so too will stars be added to the flag in representation.

The Persican Stellar Kingdom belongs to Cymrea.
Uncharted Suns © David McFarland
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So, as you(those two people who might read my sparse and rare journals)'ve probably heard from either Afterskies or HandofManos, Chronicles of Man is no more. Well, not in the literal sense, but the brand at least. But, that's not really all of the changes.

With ChroniclesofMan's departure from both the franchise and dA (apparently), Afterskies has taken the trademark and is in the midst of rebranding. We've come up with a new name, but I'm waiting for him to announce that. Until the website's been sorted out, it's been disabled.

I've become the sort of second-in-command of the franchise, which is fuckin' cool. In truth, I've been pumping out more written content than anything from Adobe Illustrator, but I'm hoping that'll be different soon. Again, it's dependent on the rebranding as well as my stamina. I've started studying with Lambda School, a sort of coding bootcamp, so I'll be crazy busy for the next six months. Still, I am planning on uploading a revised version of the Giilgamish, the Garif, and rolling out the Farsan – so long as I can actually figure out what to do with the hull. I've also got a corvette on the assembly line. There'll be a new version of the Peripherian map as well to compensate for nations and their owners that have left as well as nations that have expanded. ...Oh, and I need to finish the Holy Dominion of the Empyrean See's flag.

So, there's a ton to do and only little old me to do them. Here's to the future.


United States
(Cyberpunk) Writer. Navy veteran. Physics student. Deposed crown-prince of San Onofre. Skeptic.


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