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Zodiac Dragon . Cancer

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The Zodiac Dragon: Cancer the crab.

Zodiac dragons of the universe, this unique series features fantasy dragons designed to represent the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac calendar

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Someonintheworld's avatar
reminds me of a drone from starcraft
The-Lake-of-Fire's avatar
It doesn't look to happy. It looks like it's feeling a bit...crabby.

Feel free to kill me now.
EnergyHealingJewelry's avatar
OMG dragon astrology! I love it!
Qydra's avatar
You are awesome as always!
OtachiKaiju68's avatar
nice I like the Crab like Designs this Zodiac Dragon
loiswolf's avatar
wow this is my zodiac and this is just amazing well done :) 
DominicTheRaccoon's avatar
That's actually my zodiac. And this, is just, plain awesome!
umbrella0production's avatar
Karkat what happend to you
pardos66's avatar
Looks so fierce and beautiful!
heyjuliet17's avatar
this is beautiful! i'm a cancer..i'm new to painting. your's reminds me of my dragon painting, but yours is
mind giving me advice? 
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
I'm a Cancer too! My Birthday's July 5th :D
heyjuliet17's avatar
sweet! and my b-day is june 24 just had it lol 
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
happy be-lated birthday. sorry I missed...
heyjuliet17's avatar
oh its okay! birthdays very important to me. but thank u :)
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
Np. I didn't know back then until now.
Jorelyn's avatar
ITS REAL MAGESTIC ND BEAUTIFUL!  (do you also add birthstones for cancer? )
69darkfelicia69's avatar
this is an amazing one too *w* love it Heart
sniffinggriffin's avatar
OmegaVoidFox's avatar
This is actually insane, and its kinda a mix between the Crab of Cancer and the original lobster-looking thing which the very first one was or something like that. :D great representation of this sign. Really makes e feel awesome to be a Cancer. :D
CrazyMangaka99's avatar
This is amazing! And, my sign is Cancer. I LOVE IT!
Imortal-Night's avatar
I suddenly am very proud of my zodiac.
IceMountainDragon505's avatar
I'm proud to be a Cancer too! :D
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