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Byzil the dragoness finds herself deep in the forest with small phoenix-hawk like friends. They illuminate the trees and pathways around her as she frolics around freely!

Prints available: 24x3617x228.5x11 

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Really Nice Job, I really like the shade of blue you used for her belly scales and wings! :)
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This Dragon artwork piece has been included in this article:… with you being credited just below the image and image itself is linked back to this page.
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This is such a stunning masterpiece. I love the movement and the details.
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Fact: Your's are the coolest dragons on DA! :D
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I would like to point out the astounding shading under Byzil's wings!!
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar

I need to keep in mind on that detail.
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Beautiful dragoness. ^^
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Beautiful colours, delightful composition and lovely dragon, too.  I love the feel of this piece!  Joy, happiness, oneness with nature...awesome! :hooray: :happybounce: :w00t:
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super dragon bleu
Yullapa's avatar
Amazing dragon! I love your styleHeart 
Cool.                                                                                                                                                                                     Dancing dragon XD 
BlackWyvern95's avatar
awesome dragon, love the shading, cool background :D
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Your good dragons look so genuinely joyful... I smile and feel refreshed when I see them so gaily moving and dancing...
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Very cool scene! I love your painting style. The magical bird creatures look really awesome. Also, yummy dragon muscles. :drool: redone 
Your dragon anatomy is always amazing.
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hey! wow...this is quite a beautiful piece and an awesome one too.
I really like the great posture work that you have drew the dragon and the
spiritual birds into. Also thump up on the lovely color work that you have accomplish
as well in your art work there.
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Love the playful expressionnnnnnnnnn
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This is beautiful!
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