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The Life Binder - Restoring the dragon flight

The fan art contest entry for BlizzCon 2019.

This is the artwork I did before building the costume itself since my deadline was really close and I was interested in entering both contests at the time.

I did try to get really creative in giving Alexstrasza an anthro form and a staff "The Breath of Life."

Also built the staff as well, I will have to upload more photos of it here soon.

The costume can be found here:…
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Not knowing the characters, I find myself thinking of the old movie "Teachers" when I look at the interplay between all the dragons here. This image gives me a lot of storytelling fun.
FrxPlanner's avatar
Definitively you make the best dragons that I've ever seen :D.
RyuseDraws's avatar
Terrific work! It really shows your craftsmanship. O(≧∇≦)O
mistermadigan's avatar
Oh Dragon Mom, we love you.
You'd free Hong Kong.
HistoryGold777's avatar
I like it. good work-!:D
Shimaha's avatar
This piece is a fun and innocent way to depict Alexstraza. Well done. It is whimsical and light. It really calls to me. :) 
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Good morning, So Adorable!!!!!!!!. 
SnowyTheFurry's avatar
That is an amazing masterpiece, it's so cute and full with beautiful colors! ^^
Eveillesort's avatar
Aaww cute mom ♥♥♥

Khal-lion's avatar
Epic masterpiece Heart 
ekoi1995's avatar
i love the details! :heart: epic painting! 
Pvtnoname89's avatar
I worship this Pic SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 <3 Sooo beautiful <3
Taco-Calamitous's avatar
Probably the cutest depiction of Alexstraza that I've seen :3
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Almost feels Spyro-esque. ^^
MAXMEGA's avatar
you won the contest ???????
MightyRaptor's avatar
The Queen will protect you from the squid old god meanies! 
glacerdragon's avatar
So many cute dragons
Hardwing's avatar
HuskiesSymphony's avatar
Momma Alexstraza <3
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