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Guardian of the Lower Nile

Guardian of the Lower Nile.

Bastet, the Guardian of the Lower Nile, takes a break from her trip through the kingdom. Her grace can never be forgotten and she work to make sure of that.

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I just whiled away an enjoyable hour, searching for the best Bast/Bastet image on the Internet.

(The best one known to Google Images, anyway.)

And after all that? It looked . . . familiar.

Come to find that I'd already faved it on DA, long ago.

suffering23's avatar

gorgeous sexy feline <3

I epoh uoy t'nod dnim I depyt siht tnemmoc sdrawkcab?
kyuubikurama2277's avatar
She is a adorable guardian lol
OutlanderAshton's avatar
This looks absolutely amazing!
PluviaLFox's avatar
Felines on egyptian jewelry, there's nothing more one can ask :3
Revan005's avatar
She beautiful!Love
EyeoftheDracoArt's avatar
Oh Egyptian deity kick is on. XD; 
bigboylight's avatar
In My hood....miau
Kyu-Maru's avatar
My favorite Egypt goddess x3
Dromrage's avatar
bast is always great. gotta love mythology
Sanivisu's avatar
VegaBone's avatar
Wow great artwork.
ThatFurryArtist's avatar
Fantastic work! I'm personally always a sucker for Egyptian-themed art so I think it's brilliant, and the colours and way you've painted this is simply beautiful :D
gundamfan2's avatar
Awesome picture and great design :D
CarpeDraco's avatar
Overall, I love this; beautiful depiction of Bastet!

(The only thing that gets me, though - and it may just be me - is that it appears that her tail/rump is pointed away from the viewer, but the bottom of her raised for is pointed towards the viewer, which makes the leg appear oddly twisted to me.  Again, this could just be me, and not anything wrong with the pic!  :hug: )
Incueye's avatar
Yes! Someone said it other than me. Yeah, it just feels oddly twisted and uncomfortable.
CaseyDecker's avatar
This picture you've done of such a furry character looks quite nice and lovely for sure. :meow:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, Bastet sure is a beauty among the Egyptian gods... ;)
Love the colour and shading, especially the fur details!
luner-tigher's avatar
oh you did a awesome job on this one so well done =3
DeadCobra's avatar
It is really lovely
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