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Dragon magic


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"Every dragon has a unique magic."

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Raya and the Last Dragon Sisu

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Me: looks at this

also me: accidentally does the diamond signal from Steven Universe instead of a circle

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almighty sisu * random circle hand symbol *

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Happy Autumn Blaze Smolder Excuse Me Princess Ember (Happy)

Does Sisu look like an MLP dragon to you?

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Sisu is really a gorgeous dragon.

Wonderful work

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Your version of this dragon is beautiful.

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LOVE THE ART! The local Disney Store still has no Sisu plush yet, but the Toy Temple Funko Pop and pop culture store nearby has a chibi figure of her.

Face Dragon (Jake Long) 1st season Icon big

Aw, MAN! I never got a movie, or T-shirts, or a plush toy of ME! Stop laughing, Elliot and Mushu.

That’s why shopDisney has them online.

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Just saw the movie. The dragons was so awesome. I loved their design!

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Is this based off the Raya Disney thing?

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Those water effects look beautiful 😊

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Yes, more dragon han pony dragon original.

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