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2020 Zodiac Dragons Capricorn

The new Zodiac Dragon Capricorn from the 2020 Zodiac Dragons Calendar!…

Pre-order ends later this month! Go do it now!  Pre-order exclusive bonus print while it last!!

See the full 14th Zodiac Dragon Cetus ONLY with pre-order!

🎉2020 Zodiac Dragons Calendar Pre-Order is NOW! 🎉

Pre-order now:
Pre-order now:
Pre-order now:
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Wow such pretty colours! :D
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I've always had a weakness for dragons and I'm always interested in the works that have to do with these beings, and this is really great. The details of this being are very well worked out and the scales are drawn exactly to the body and look like they belong to the body. The details like the horns and the tail are very nice to look at and the colouring fits to the overall picture of the dragon and are individually provided with light parts. Very positive for me is the basic design it reminds me it is a mixture of the western kites and eastern kites and the best features built in. The porputions are very realistic and important things like wings are also very convincing. The background is also very nice to look at and full of effects and the many colors are also well filled. A great work done.
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Beautiful And Awesome

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Phantasmagorical! S.
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Good morning, EPIC EPIC!!!!!!!.
Mystical and Enchantingly Stunning
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