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2016 Zodiac Dragons Libra

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Libra - The Scales

“Equilibrium of Zodiac Dragon Libra”

Galactic balance sways within the Libra Dragon ever massive shifting equilibrium. The absolute and adverse gravities within dreamscapes are never settling between the apparatus it hold.

Stardust Collectors Edition Package are $50 each. (Plus shipping)
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-1 of the 2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar that is signed by the artist herself! (12" X 12 Calendar).
-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.
-1 Metallic 8.5" X 11" Print also Signed by the artist. Choose your zodiac!

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar Collectors Coin by The-SixthLeafClover
The Stardust Collectors Edition will go fast! Be sure to join this event and be notified when pre-ordering begins online! Once the collectors edition packages are all gone, they will not be available for the 2016 calendars ever again! Only the regular calendar ordering will be available.

Calendar by itself are $20 each. (Plus shipping)
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Exciting new things have been happening since the very beginning of creating this unique calendar! They are now LARGER in size 12" X 12"! From the previous years 8.5" X 11" calendars!

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendars will feature "Dream Semblance" as a unique theme for the Zodiac Dragons of 2016! Explore their world of dreams as you dive into the dream worlds each month and become emerged in the creativity and wonder of the Zodiac Dragons!

- NEW! Both Moon and Solar phases are introduced as DRAGONS inside the calendar! you will ONLY find it in the Zodiac Dragons calendar and now where else in the world!
-The calendar also includes international and USA holidays as well as Zodiac Dates!
-A very special edition is also available for the first time. Stardust Collectors Edition! This brand new package is very limited to only 100 available!  FEW LEFT, THEY'RE GOING FAST!!!!

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It's beautiful but you placed the wrong symbol. You've placed the gemini sign and not the libra one
Sp0tti's avatar
Sp0ttiStudent Digital Artist
SPYRO xD jkjk
CrimsonOtakuGirl's avatar
CrimsonOtakuGirlHobbyist Writer
Yassssss! La la la la 
Johnonic's avatar
JohnonicHobbyist Photographer
Libra is always the most beautiful one in ZD of ever years from 2013-2016 I do think
DarkwingDrake's avatar
DarkwingDrakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
gorgeous!! :D
DJsoniox64's avatar
A la mierda todo, voy a comentar en español.
SerenityDragonwing's avatar
SerenityDragonwingHobbyist Artist
OH MY GOD THIS IS GORGEOUS. The colors and the stardust look so good together. I can't wait to see the others....especially Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Drakonitka's avatar
adult Spyro.
A3Kitsune's avatar
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                      Dancing dragon XD 
BlackWyvern95's avatar
BlackWyvern95Student General Artist
:la: awesome :la:
DeadCobra's avatar
So amazing Wow! 
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
UNlikeableMegastosStudent General Artist
Did someone see the dragon's top horns?! (among the head's horns, I mean)
GummySaurusRex's avatar
GummySaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
I love the pose, it says: "You shall be judged FOOL!"
Supper Awesome!:heart:
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Ember-EyesHobbyist General Artist
Man this design rocks! I love the look of the cosmic scales, and those are some seriously bad-ass horns. :D The insides of the wings look very dreamy and cosmic-y. :love:
dragon-man13's avatar
dragon-man13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow...this is extremity beautiful and very awesome.
i really like the nice posture that you drew your dragon into. I also really like the
amazing color work and detail work that you have accomplish in your dragon art work there.

Another nice touche that I also really like about that piece is the dragon horns, they are
very original and also very well made.

certainly and again. this is a very beautiful piece and keep it up with the great work ;)
RebellingLemming's avatar
RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dragon holding office!
BlazingDragonLord's avatar
BlazingDragonLordStudent General Artist
Those horns :O
DracoPhobos's avatar
DracoPhobosStudent Filmographer
Beautiful horns and wings! I love the stardust effect~~~~~~~~ 
Fowlgon's avatar
FowlgonProfessional General Artist
so how come it's playing with the gemini logo instead of the libra logo?
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
The-SixthLeafCloverProfessional Digital Artist
Libra sign is inside the horns. Its equalizing magic glowy things, but I suppose it looks like gemini magic. Thanks!
TakemaKei's avatar
TakemaKeiHobbyist Digital Artist
I was gonna comment on the gemini symbol but ok =)
Fowlgon's avatar
FowlgonProfessional General Artist
makes sense! saw that in the horns. there's also a libra symbol formed by the shoulder/wings! :D not sure if that was planned

came out great by the way! love the colour theory
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
The-SixthLeafCloverProfessional Digital Artist
Yea, I keep the dragons symbol "on" the dragon somewhere in each picture if that helps :)  Thanks!!!
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