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2016 Zodiac Dragons Leo

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Leo - The Lion

“Burning Radiance of Zodiac Dragon Leo ”

A lion drake at heart, the Leo Dragon is constantly on the move as the river of stars flowing through dreams. Its mane flows with brilliantly glowing flames that flicker even in the brightest of light.

Stardust Collectors Edition Package are $50 each. (Plus shipping)
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-1 of the 2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar that is signed by the artist herself! (12" X 12 Calendar).
-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar Collectors Coin by The-SixthLeafClover
The Stardust Collectors Edition will go fast! Be sure to join this event and be notified when pre-ordering begins online! Once the collectors edition packages are all gone, they will not be available for the 2016 calendars ever again! Only the regular calendar ordering will be available.

Calendar by itself are $20 each. (Plus shipping)
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Exciting new things have been happening since the very beginning of creating this unique calendar! They are now LARGER in size 12" X 12"! From the previous years 8.5" X 11" calendars!

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendars will feature "Dream Semblance" as a unique theme for the Zodiac Dragons of 2016! Explore their world of dreams as you dive into the dream worlds each month and become emerged in the creativity and wonder of the Zodiac Dragons!

- NEW! Both Moon and Solar phases are introduced as DRAGONS inside the calendar! you will ONLY find it in the Zodiac Dragons calendar and now where else in the world!
-The calendar also includes international and USA holidays as well as Zodiac Dates!
-A very special edition is also available for the first time. Stardust Collectors Edition! This brand new package is very limited to only 100 available!  FEW LEFT, THEY'RE GOING FAST!!!!

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can i use this for cover for a book I'm writting
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Leo's rule! Awesome Dragon. ♌
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would it be okay if i put these dragons in my game i will make sure give credit to you 
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Hello, please contact me in e-mail about image licensing. christina[at]sixthleafclover[dot]com

 I'll need more information from you about the game and pricing for images.
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that looks awesome
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I love the loop in its tail and how it mimics the Leo symbol!
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So then, does Leo have a natural affinity for fire?
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Magnificent and stunning! 
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leooo <3 Stunning work!
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Leo Dragon takes playing with fire to a whole new level! Such awesomeness! I really love the design and color scheme for this one. And I love how you did the toes and fingers for some reason, especially on the bottom right foot. :D
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I like.                                                                                                                                                                                    :golddragon: 
sen22's avatar! :clap: I love the way you did the flames and shadows.
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Wow so cool. I love the pose and the colouring, the design of the dragon is awesome too :)
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