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2016 Zodiac Dragons Capricorn

Zodiac Dragons Website

Capricorn - The Goat-Fish

“Flora Glades of Zodiac Dragon Capricorn”

Radiant fins, shimmering with stars, adorn the Capricorn Dragon as it glides through the lustrous dreamscape. The planet’s frondescence sways with every flutter of its nebula wings.

Stardust Collectors Edition Package are $50 each. (Plus shipping)
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-1 of the 2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar that is signed by the artist herself! (12" X 12 Calendar).
-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar Collectors Coin by The-SixthLeafClover
The Stardust Collectors Edition will go fast! Be sure to join this event and be notified when pre-ordering begins online! Once the collectors edition packages are all gone, they will not be available for the 2016 calendars ever again! Only the regular calendar ordering will be available.

Calendar by itself are $20 each. (Plus shipping)
********** ORDER Regular Edition NOW! **********


Exciting new things have been happening since the very beginning of creating this unique calendar! They are now LARGER in size 12" X 12"! From the previous years 8.5" X 11" calendars!

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendars will feature "Dream Semblance" as a unique theme for the Zodiac Dragons of 2016! Explore their world of dreams as you dive into the dream worlds each month and become emerged in the creativity and wonder of the Zodiac Dragons!

- NEW! Both Moon and Solar phases are introduced as DRAGONS inside the calendar! you will ONLY find it in the Zodiac Dragons calendar and now where else in the world!
-The calendar also includes international and USA holidays as well as Zodiac Dates!
-A very special edition is also available for the first time. Stardust Collectors Edition! This brand new package is very limited to only 100 available!  FEW LEFT, THEY'RE GOING FAST!!!!

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Leytala-Velnial's avatar
As a Capricorn myself...I must say this is very nicely done :3 
CreamySheep's avatar
Very mysterious!
this is breathtaking!
rujiidragon's avatar
In all seriousness, I really want to know how do you make such amazing realistic dragons? Where did you learn this skill? I know the answer is usually practice but I am completely clueless how you make them, even my dreams are envious on how you make such original creations. From my experience over the years, I'll be able to draw from a photo fine, be able to recite anatomy good, but when I go to draw or paint a dragon the way you do from imagination, nothing clicks, as if I never studied at all. even the drawings you did in your high school years I'm at a complete loss how you did them. I've looked up dragon tutorials and come up empty and everyone I talk to says dragons are easy, the only thing I can say is I either have a bad visual handicap or I'm really overlooking something. Your art is just so breathtaking. 
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
I just taught myself.. no one has helped me. Never went to artschool because it was to expensive for me. 
rujiidragon's avatar
Thats very interesting! A lot of other artists I look up to say the same thing and professional artists I don't like are the ones that did go. I don't know how you learned to out paint so many professionals digitally and traditionally! I'm self taught for the same reasons but I did have some teachers to help me make non fantasy art.

But something I wanted to ask you is, do you visualize your pictures before you paint? I've never had the ability to craft an image in my head before I draw and when I try to, I spend the entire day waiting and I get nothing done. Since the subject that you paint isn't in reality what do you do to help make your fantasies look so realistic? Other artists I've seen are so reference heavy they end up looking like photo manipulations and call it "fantasy" or "creature design" even if its a painting, while your creations are so full of character. I'm especially dumbfounded how you did this the-sixthleafclover.deviantart… Every dragon is so original and you captured their emotions better than I've seen portrait artists do with humans. But since they are dragons I know you didn't use a photo that the portrait artist would have had. ( and don't get me started with the masterful rendering!) How did you do that?
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
I do visualize how I think it will look in my head. As usual, sometimes it doesn't come out exactly like I want it or it takes a turn and turns into some kind of other picture. I do use visual reference, but not heavily. I think it's better to use imagination rather than make something look exactly like a photo. I like to play a lot with lighting and shadows in color. I am very sensitive to color since my eyes can see a bit more color than most people. Its a condition I have.
rujiidragon's avatar
Thats awesome! What do you do if you can't visualize it? Copying something almost exactly is the only way I can really draw adequately, moving and changing the shadow is something my mind can't fathom. I've drawn hundreds of dragons and I still can't visualize them before I draw, let alone "realistically". 

Thats quite an interesting condition! I totally forgot how people perceive colors differently. I can totally see it by just seeing your paintings, they are insanely colorful. It reminds me theirs another fantasy artist that paints dragons and is technically color blind. 
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
This one is my one!
It looks so fitting with the theme!
eV13il's avatar
I love the tail design (:
                Dancing dragon XD 
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Your designs of these never fail to amaze me! They are all so beautiful and unique. I love the colors on this one. :heart:
Hanjisexperiment's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! You know how to make colors dance for you!
DracoPhobos's avatar
ontels's avatar
Absolutely amazing! 
GrowlingDragon's avatar
Great dragon again ! So much talent in you ! :dummy:
DeadCobra's avatar
Quite wonderful
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