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2016 Zodiac Dragons Aquarius

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Aquarius - The Great One

“Water Waves of Zodiac Dragon Aquarius ”

The water of the Aquarius Dragon weaves the skies with aqueous blue. The dream world shines like a glossy river stone in the crashing waves.

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-1 of the 2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar that is signed by the artist herself! (12" X 12 Calendar).
-1 Limited Edition Gold ZD 2" inch Collectors Coin.

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar by The-SixthLeafClover2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendar Collectors Coin by The-SixthLeafClover
The Stardust Collectors Edition will go fast! Be sure to join this event and be notified when pre-ordering begins online! Once the collectors edition packages are all gone, they will not be available for the 2016 calendars ever again! Only the regular calendar ordering will be available.

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Exciting new things have been happening since the very beginning of creating this unique calendar! They are now LARGER in size 12" X 12"! From the previous years 8.5" X 11" calendars!

2016 Zodiac Dragons Calendars will feature "Dream Semblance" as a unique theme for the Zodiac Dragons of 2016! Explore their world of dreams as you dive into the dream worlds each month and become emerged in the creativity and wonder of the Zodiac Dragons!

- NEW! Both Moon and Solar phases are introduced as DRAGONS inside the calendar! you will ONLY find it in the Zodiac Dragons calendar and now where else in the world!
-The calendar also includes international and USA holidays as well as Zodiac Dates!
-A very special edition is also available for the first time. Stardust Collectors Edition! This brand new package is very limited to only 100 available!  FEW LEFT, THEY'RE GOING FAST!!!!

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DogZeCatHobbyist General Artist
I just have to wonder, how would this dragon's element possibly be Air? 

regardless, this is stunning.
Onii-Sean473's avatar
Onii-Sean473Hobbyist General Artist
Where's the symbol?
JoriShepdog's avatar
JoriShepdogStudent General Artist
so magnificent
The-Raven-Soul's avatar
The-Raven-SoulHobbyist Writer
And this is where rain really comes from.
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
BahamutDeusModusProfessional General Artist
I just absolutely love this one!! :love: My gosh, definitely one of my favorites out of all the zodiac dragons you've done. Really beautiful work. :heart:
IcelectricSpyro's avatar
IcelectricSpyroHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm hypnotised by that water *-* So gorgeous! Also blue is my favourite colour so I like this very much XD The dragon looks super epic too, wonderful job on this, I love all the zodiac dragons, keep up the great work!
BUGHS-22's avatar
BUGHS-22Hobbyist General Artist
Epic work on the water O_O
kaseylsnow's avatar
kaseylsnowProfessional Digital Artist
The way you render the elements never ceases to amaze me. Especially the viscous elements....dat shine....
Imortal-Night's avatar
Imortal-NightHobbyist Traditional Artist
The water looks amazing!
Huskylover4200's avatar
Huskylover4200Student General Artist
Absolutely gorgeous! Your artwork never fails to be perfect
Azul-Creations's avatar
Azul-CreationsHobbyist General Artist
ladytremere85's avatar
As an Aquarius, LOVE IT!
BlueRavenfire's avatar
BlueRavenfireProfessional Digital Artist
amazing work! :)
WEAPONIX's avatar
WEAPONIXProfessional Interface Designer
Gorgeous piece! You painted the water perfectly!
Drokkan's avatar
DrokkanStudent Digital Artist
Woooo! Lovely painting.
A3Kitsune's avatar
Very nice.                                                                                             Water dragon - emoticon 
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rachaelm5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The water is absolutely amazing.  I love the transparency and refraction effects.
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Ember-EyesHobbyist General Artist
The water effects are absolutely gorgeous! All the reflective bits and sparkles of light - absolutely, insanely amazing. Also, I love how the tail transforms directly into water and meshes together with the water spilling from the jar / container thing. Water, water, everywhere! :D
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
UNlikeableMegastosStudent General Artist
Huh, the colors used for the dragon fit the "aquatic" theme, and the pink hues are actually a sophisticated addition to the theme!
Also, will you include Ophi- [how was it spelled?]
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
The-SixthLeafCloverProfessional Digital Artist
Yup, the 13th zodiac is the cover image actually. I also have a poster inside the centerfold of the calendar itself as Ophiuchus.
UNlikeableMegastos's avatar
UNlikeableMegastosStudent General Artist
Perfect then!
Do you already have Capricorn? '3'
The-SixthLeafClover's avatar
The-SixthLeafCloverProfessional Digital Artist
They are all complete, I am already selling the calendars:…
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